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People of Bangladesh, situated in Eastern part of South Asia, can be proud of a developed civilization that dates back many centuries. For years, lush green of riverine plane of Bengal attracted tourists, traders and conquerors. Bengal culture assimilated all these influences while retaining its own distinctions. Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam have left their own marks in developing a tolerant society and secular liberal culture. Bengal is also an abode of a few tribal enclaves with distinct language and culture.

Bangladesh carries a rich heritage of folklore music that always propagated humanism and tolerance. Spread of modern education, influence of European renaissance, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam and others deeply influenced Bengalee society. Begum Rokeya pioneered education among conservative Muslim women.
During Pakistan period, cultural struggle for national identity of Bengalee, starting from language movement of 1952, has always been integral part of national struggle.

Emergence of Bangladesh

In the backdrop of national struggle against British colonial rule in India, since mid 40's, Hindu-Muslim communal tension lead in 1947 to partition of India and Pakistan was created as separate homeland for Muslims. East Pakistan inhabitated by Bengalee nation with distinct language and culture was separated from West Pakistan by thousands of miles. So, Pakistan was an unrealistic state from the very beginning.

Since, the very inception, Pakistan rulers denied democratic and national rights, declared itself as Islamic Republic in 1956 and military rule was imposed from 1958. Rulers tried to subjugate Bengalees politically, culturally and economically with resultant united popular struggle for democracy, autonomy and for upholding secular cultural identity.

In first-ever national parliamentary election held in 1970, Bengalee nationalist forces lead by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won landslide victory and his Awami League became majority party in whole Pakistan. But military regime refused to accept electoral verdict; this lead in March '71 to non-cooperation movement in East Pakistan.

Then, in an attempt to crush the nationalist movement in East Pakistan, from the fateful night of 25th March 1971 Pakistan military initiated systemic genocide against Bengalee people. In this heinous attack rulers received support from handful of local religious fundamentalists.

In worst ever genocide, since Second World War, estimated 3 million were killed, some 200000 women were raped and 10 million had to take refuge in neighbouring India.

In this background, independence of Bangladesh was declared and elected representatives of 1970’s election from East Pakistan formed Bangladesh government on 10th April. Students and youth took military training and these Mukti Bahini (freedom fighters) fought back occupation forces under Sector Commanders. International condemnation of Pakistan atrocities came from governments, public leaders, cultural personalities and media. Unfortunately Nixon administration of United States and China supported Pakistan government, more from global strategic interests, while India and Soviet Union supported Bangladesh cause.

On 4th December, after Pakistan attacked western part of India, allied command of Indian armed forces and Bangladesh Freedom Fighters started armed assault. On 16th December 1971, Pakistan armed forces had to surrender to this allied command and independent Bangladesh was born as democratic secular state.

Evolution of Fundamental Principles of 1972 - Bangladesh Constitution

Bengalee nation struggled for democracy, secular values and national rights for years. Military rulers of Islamic Republic of Pakistan tried to deny democracy and national aspiration of Bengalees and even carried out systematic genocide in the name of religion. As a result, struggle of Bengalee people from language movement of 1952 to armed resistance in 1971, lead to emergence of Bangladesh as secular democratic nation state.

So, following fundamental principles of Bangladesh constitution of 1972 evolved through experiences of this popular struggle.

- Democracy
- Nationalism
- Secularism

(Socialism was other fundamental principle. However this principle was generally considered for social justice particularly for the disadvantaged.)
Bangladesh people are still continuing the struggle to retain these principles against many odds.

*******LIST OF RAJAKAR'S*****************

District: Dhaka
1. Rajakar Akbar, Shakhari Bazar, Dhaka
2. Rajakar Late Hedayet Ullah, Rayer Bazar, Dhaka
3. Rajakar Tota Miah, Dhaka University, Dhaka
4. Rajakar Firoz Miah (Feru Member), 258, Fakirapul, Dhaka
5. *Mr. Saiyid Kamal Hossain Rizvi, Father- Saiyid Jamal Hossain, 46/3, Hemendra Das Road, Thana-Sutrapur, Dhaka
6. *Mr. Shamsul Huda, Father-Late Hafiz Abdur Rezzak, Town 9 Abdullah Sarkar Lane, Thana-Kotwali, Dhaka
7. *Mr. Khurram Jhan Murad, Father-Late Manzur Ali Marad, 5 Segun Bagicha, Thana- Ramna, Dhaka
8. * Mr. Akram Hossain, Father-Abbas Ali, Village-Deliapara, Thana-Dhamrai, Dhaka
9. *Mr. Khurram Jhan Murad, Father-Late Manzur Ali Murad, 51 Segun Bagicha, Thana-Ramna, Dhaka
10. *Mr. Khawja Khairuddin, Father-Khawja Alauddin, Village-Ahasan Manzir, Thana-Kotwali, Dhaka
11. *Mr. Nurul Islam Chowdhury, Father-Ajmat Ali, alias Amjad Ali, 42/42 Agasadek Road, Thana-Kotwali, Dhaka
12. *Mr. Md. Sirajuddin, Father-Hazi Mohd. Siddique Sardar, 57 Hazi Abdul Majid Lane, Thana-Sutrapur, Dhaka
13. *Mr. Asgar Hossain, Father-Late Abdul Hakim, 77 Malitola, Thana-Kotwali, Dhaka
14. *Hazi Aqil, Father-Late Hazi Mohd. Sharif Hossain, 14 Nanda Kr. Datta Lane, Dhaka
15. *Mr. Sarafat Hossain Chowdhury, alias Chanu Miyan, Father-Late Abdul Khair Chowdhury, 18, Court House Street, Thana-Kotwali, Dhaka

District: Gazipur
16. Rajakar Alauddin, Village- Mudafa, Thana-Tongi
17. Rajakar Awal, Joydevpur
18. Rajakar M P Nawab Ali, Joydevpur
19. Rajakar Hakimuddin, Madhobbari, Joydevpur
20. Rajakar Ahad Ali, Madhobbari, Joydevpur
21. Rajakar Monu, Madhobbari, Joydevpur
22. *Prof. Yusuf Ali, Hafizuddin, Village-Baragaon, Thana-Kaliganj, Gazipur
23. *Mr. Obaidul Kabir, Father-Late Abdul Kabir, Village-Ghorasal, Thana-Kaliganj, Gazipur

District: Tangail
24. Rajakar Anis, Chabbisa, Bhuapur
25. Rajakar Saju, Kalamazi, Madhupur
26. Rajakar Shahajahan, Kalamazi, Madhupur
27. Rajakar Rashid, Kalamazi, Madhupur
28. Rajakar Samad, Kalamazi, Madhupur
29. Rajakar Dudu Miah, Kalamazi, Madhupur
30. Rajakar Mansur, Madhupur
31. Rajakar Late Akbar, Madhupur
32. Rajakar Mahebul, Mirzapur
33. Rajakar Makbul Hossain, Chabbisa, Bhuapur
34. Rajakar Rafique, Chabbisa, Bhuapur
35. *Mr. Fazlur Rahman Talukdar, Father-Muzaffar Ali Talukdar, Village-Purulia, Thana-Madhupur, Tangail
36. *Mr. Shahidullah Khan Yusuf Zai, Father-Rafiqul Hossain Yusuf Zai, Village-Charon, Thana-Kalihati, Tangail
37. *Mr. Hakim Habibur Rahman, alias Sk. habibur Rahman, Father-Saiyid Abbas Ali, Village-Maizhati, Thana-Ghatail, Tangail
38. * Prof. A Khaleque, Father-Munshi Meseruddin, Village-Bissas Patka, Thana-Tangail, Tangail

District: Narshingdi
39. *Mr. Mohd. Shahidullah, Father-Mohd. Jonab Ali, Village Benuabaid, Thana-Monohardi, Narshingdi
40. *Mr. Md. Sultanuddin Khan, Father-Cherag Ali Khan, Village-Noadia, Thana-Monohardi, Narsingdi
District: Narayanganj
41. *Dr. M A Sikdar, Father-Late Rajjob Ali Sikdar, Sona Miyan Market Siddirganj, Thana-Siddirganj, Narayanganj

District: Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Thana
42. Rajakar Late Monir Uddin Member, Father-Late Hazi Asan Ali Mondal, Village-Phuliamari, Mymensingh
43. Rajakar Late Bhola Miah, Hejbollah Road, (Trakpatti)
44. Rajakar Adv. Ataur Rahman, Kachijhuli, Mymensingh
45. Rajakar Late Abdur Rashid
46. Rajakar Abdul Hannan, Notun Bazar, Mymensingh
47. Rajakar Mohar Uddin Munshi, Village-Raghurampur, Mymensingh
48. Rajakar Abdur Rahim, Father-Late Panu Mondal, Village-Raghabpur, Mymensingh
49. Rajakar Sadar Uddin, Village-Chariswardia, Mymensingh
50. Rajakar Adv. Tarikul Islam Mohan, Kristapur, Mymensingh
51. Rajakar Abdul Motin, Golkibari, Mymensingh
52. Rajakar Didar, Golkibari, Mymensingh
53. Rajakar Khadem-E-Momenshahi, Mashkanda, Mymensingh
54. Rajakar Mahbub-ur Rahman Fakir Ex-Chairman, Rashipur, Mymensingh
55. *Mr. Hafezuddin Ahmed, Father-Nasimuddin, Sarkar, Village-Sirdah, Thana-Kotwali, Mymensingh
56. *Mr. Md. Hasmat Ali, Father-Late Jasimuddin, 1 College Road Mymensingh Town, Thana-Kotwali, Mymensingh
57. *Mr. ASM Nazmul Huda, Father-Late Mohd. Ishaquddin, Jail Road Mymensingh Town, Thana-Kotwali, Mymensingh

Nandail Thana
58. Rajakar Abdul Gafur
59. Rajakar Abdul Motin Bhuiyan
60. Rajakar Jashim Uddin Bhuiyan
61. Rajakar Shahed Ali
62. Rajakar Abdul Kuddus
63. Rajakar Abdul Mannaf
64. Rajakar Khorshed Khan
65. Rajakar Ismail Hossain
66. Rajakar Siddique
67. Rajakar Hafiz Uddin
68. Rajakar Khalilur Rahman
69. Rajakar Mr. A K M Mosharraf Hossain, Father-Imam Hossain, Villge-Panch Rukhi, Thana-Nandail, Mymensingh.
70. Nilu, Nandail, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
71. Abdullah Khan, Nandail, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
72. Hasan Ali Fakir, Nandail, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
73. Moslemuddin, Nandail, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
74. Abdul Hamid Company, Mymensingh, Nandail, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
75. Kutubuddin Khan, Nandail, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
76. Mohabbat Ali, Nandail, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee members
77. *Mr. Nurul Amin, Father- Late Jahiruddin, Village- Bahadurpur, Thana-Nandail, Mymensingh
78. *Mr. A K M Mosharraf Hossain, Father-Imam Hossain, Villge-Panch Rukhi, Thana-Nandail, Mymensingh.

79. Rajakar Abul Hossain Chairman, Village-Bashati, 1 No. Chandhara Union, Phulpur
80. Rajakar Kofil Uddin, Village-Chandhara, Phulpur
81. Rajakar Arman, Village- Chandhara, Phulpur
82. Rajakar Khalil, Village- Chandhara, Phulpur
83. Rajakar Abdul Hannan, Village- Chandhara, Phulpur
84. Rajakar Ahmmad Ali, Village-Lawari, Phulpur
85. Rajakar Amsar Uddin, Village- Chandhara, Phulpur
86. Rajakar Azim Uddin, Village-Lauari, Phulpur
87. Rajakar Late AKM Shamsul Huda, Phulpur
88. Rajakar Late AKM Rafikul Huda (Monu Miah), Phulpur
89. Rajakar Jobed Ali, Phulpur
90. Rajakar Abdur Rashid, Phulpur
91. Rajakar Abdul Aziz, Village-Godaria, Phulpur
92. Rajakar Abdul Aziz Sarker, Village-Rupsi, Phulpur
93. Rajakar Harej Ali (Retd. Police), Phulpur
94. Rajakar Late Asaduzzaman Chan Miah, Village-Kalikha, Phulpur
95. Rajakar Abdul Motaleb, Village-Dadra, Phulpur
96. Rajakar Ansar Motaleb, Village-Kakni, Phulpur
97. Rajakar Late Aftab Ali Chairman, Phulpur
98. Rajakar Late Ayub Ali, Village-Bashati, Phulpur
99. Rajakar Moulana Ershad Ullah, Phulpur
100. Rajakar Moulana Abul Kashem, Village-Balia, Phulpur
101. Rajakar Abul Kashem, Village-Katuli, Phulpur
102. Rajakar Omar Ali Khan, Village-Valki, Phulpur
103. Rajakar Prof. Rafique Uddin, Village-Baliya, Phulpur
104. Rajakar Late Moulana Doulat Ali, Village-Baliya, Phulpur
105. Rajakar Basir Uddin (Basir Maker), Village-Balia, Phulpur
106. Rajakar Md. Harun-or-Rashid, Phulpur
107. Rajakar Abdul Motaleb, Village-Amuakanda, Phulpur
108. Rajakar Late Afroze, Village-Amuakanda, Phulpur
109. Rajakar Abdul Kuddus, Village-Amuakanda, Phulpur
110. Rajakar Momin Uddin Talukdar, Village-Naldighee, Phulpur
111. Rajakar Abdul Manik, (Chauguta), Phulpur
112. Rajakar Moulana Abdul Wahed, Village-Tilatia, Phulpur
113. Rajakar Joimat Ali Chairman, Village-Charpara, Phulpur
114. Rajakar Hafijul Islam Chairman, Village-Charpara, Phulpur
115. Rajakar Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, BSC, Village-Godaria, Phulpur
116. Rajakar Amjad Ali Chairman, 6 No. Poyari Union, Phulpur
117. Rajakar Sayed Badiur Rahman (Banu), Village-Boroikandi, Phulpur
118. Rajakar Shamsul Haque alias Haque Chairman, Village-Charashabot, Phulpur
119. Rajakar Jobed Ali, Fakir (Chairman), Phulpur
120. Rajakar Amir Hossain Khan, Father-Isob Khan, East Bakhai, Phulpur
121. Rajakar Rajab Ali Fakir, Phulpur
122. Rajakar Moulana Fayzur Rahman, Phulpur
123. Rajakar Tayab, Phulpur
124. Rajakar Abul Hasem (Pasan Doctor), Phulpur
125. Rajakar Jonab Ali (Jon), Village-Karaha, Phulpur
126. Rajakar Hatem Ali, Village-Michkee, Phulpur
127. Late Moulana Foyzur Rahman, Phulpur, Mymensingh, Chairman-Rajakar & Peace Committee Secretary.
128. Late Abdul Jalil Khan, Phulpur, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
129. Late Moysoyuddin Talukder, Phulpur, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
130. Mr. Julmat Ali, Father-Shamsher Ali Khan, Village-Baraikandi, Thana-Phulpur
131. Ziaul Haque (Bodru), Father-Late Harun-Or-Rashid, Village-Vaitkandi, Thana-Phulpur

Haluaghat Thana
132. Rajakar Late Ebad Ali, Village-Majhial, Haluaghat
133. Rajakar Md. Mofazzal Hossain Khan, Haluaghat
134. Rajakar Abul Kashem Shikder, Haluaghat
135. Rajakar Saiful Islam (vender), Village-Sumniapara, Haluaghat
136. Rajakar Amir Ali, Haluaghat
137. Rajakar Late Isob Ali, Village-Majhial, Haluaghat
138. Rajakar Md. Abdul Hai, Haluaghat
139. Rajakar Ramjan Ali, Haluaghat
140. Rajakar Sultan Khan, Village-Uttar Khoirakuri, Haluaghat
141. Rajakar Moslem Khalifa, Village-Uttar Khoirakuri, Haluaghat
142. Rajakar Azizul Islam, Village-Katolmari, Haluaghat
143. Rajakar Md. Harmuz Ali, Father- Late Gendu sheikh, Village-Lamukta, Haluaghat
144. Rajakar Late Reaz Uddin, Village-Monikura, Haluaghat
145. Rajakar Dewan, Post Office + Thana- Haluaghat
146. Rajakar Ali, Post Office + Thana- Haluaghat
147. Rajakar Abu, Post Office + Thana- Haluaghat
148. Rajakar Late Saiful Islam, Post Office + Thana- Haluaghat
149. Rajakar Late Abdul Hekim, Village-Monikura, Haluaghat
150. Rajakar Nurul Islam (Nuru), Village-Telikhali, Haluaghat
151. Rajakar Abdul Matin, Father- Late Arfan Ali Munshi, Village-Islampur, Haluaghat
152. Rajakar Ramjan Ali, Father- Late Wahed Ali, Village-Islampur, Haluaghat
153. Rajakar Akram Hossain, Father- Late Mofijuddin, Village-Islampur, Haluaghat
154. Rajakar Late Abdul Barek, Father- Chandu Miah, Village-Islampur, Haluaghat
155. Rajakar Hedayet Ullah, Village-Islampur, Haluaghat
156. Rajakar Md. Abdul Hai, Village-Bhubankura, Haluaghat
157. Rajakar Sayed Mona Hazi, Village-Daringua, Haluaghat
158. Rajakar Md. Shamsul Islam Khalifa, Village-Birgusina, Haluaghat
159. Rajakar Taji Masud, Father- Joydar Khan, Village-Majhial, P.O-Dharabazar, Haluaghat
160. Rajakar Late Mir Hossain, Father- Feli Sheikh, Village-Majhial, Haluaghat
161. Rajakar Amjad Ali, Father- Tasir Uddin, Village-Dhara, Haluaghat
162. Rajakar Harez, Father- Hasen Ali, Village-Dhara, Haluaghat
163. Rajakar Marej Ali, Father- Kiuta Sheikh, Village-Dhara, Haluaghat
164. Rajakar Late Shamsu, Father-Jaru Sheikh, Village-Dhara, Haluaghat
165. Rajakar Sharaf Uddin, Father-Fatik Khan, Village-Majhial, P.O. Dharabazar, Haluaghat
166. Rajakar Arman, Father-Lohor Khan, Village-Majhial, Haluaghat
167. Rajakar Abdur Rouf (Thandu Driver), Village-Daringua, P.O-Dharabazar, Haluaghat
168. Rajakar Amir, Village-Sangra, P.O-Bhagaitola, Haluaghat
169. Rajakar Ajmat Ali, Father-Tasiruddin, Village-Dhara, Haluaghat
170. Rajakar Md. Abdul Bareque, Father-Haji Md. Khaleque, Village-Koyrahati (Lalarpar), Haluaghat
171. Rajakar Md. Azizul Islam, Village-Katolmari, Haluaghat
172. Late Hossain Ali Matobbar (Chaiman), Haluaghat, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
173. Hazrat Ali Chairman, Haluaghat, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
174. Abdul Moni, Haluaghat, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
175. Akram Hossain, Haluaghat, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
176. Late Abdul Barek, Village-Islampur, Haluaghat, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member.

177. Rajakar Md. Babul Hossain, Father-Late Mofiz Uddin, Village-Charmosolando, Gaffargaon
178. Rajakar Md. Shajahan, Father-Late Hazrat Ali, Village-Saltia, Gaffargaon
179. Rajakar Md. Nurul Haque Khan, Village-Patlashi, Gaffargaon
180. Rajakar Late Baku Member, Father-Samir Uddin, Village-Patlashi, Gaffargaon
181. Rajakar Abdul Majid, Father-Late Amir Uddin, Village-Niguari, Gaffargaon
182. Rajakar Late Abdul Helim Mondal, Village-Tolli, Gaffargaon
183. Rajakar Abdur Razzak Mondal, Village-Tolli, Gaffargaon
184. Rajakar Late Wahed Ali, Village-Olli, Gaffargaon
185. Rajakar Late Abdul Helim Khan, Village-Chakua, Gaffargaon
186. Rajakar Late Tajul Islam, Village-Olli, Gaffargaon
187. Rajakar Late Abdus Samad Master, Village-Olli, Gaffargaon
188. Rajakar Late Siraj Uddin Akand, Father-Abdul Barek Akand, Village-Patlashi, Gaffargaon
189. Rajakar Abul Kalam, Village-Sadua, Gaffargaon
190. Rajakar Moulana Abdur Jabbar, Village-Chakua, Gaffargaon
191. Rajakar Fazlur Rahman Sultan, Father-Jobed Ali, Village-Solashia, Gaffargaon
192. Late Moulana Abdul Baten, Village-Sandiain, Gaffargaon

Muktagacha Thana
193. Rajakar Moulana Moniruzzaman, RK High School Teacher, Muktagacha
194. Rajakar Chanu, Village-Paratongi, Muktagacha
195. Rajakar AM Izharul Haque Master, RK High School, Teacher, Muktagacha
196. Rajakar Manik Chowdhury, Village-Mankoan, Muktagacha
197. Rajakar Md. Ansar Uddin Master, Father-Basu Fakir, Village-Nandibari, Muktagacha
198. Rajakar Helal Uddin, Father-Late Jalal Uddin, Village-Kumargata, Muktagacha
199. Rajakar Azizul Haque, Father-Late Abdul Jabbar, Village-Kumargata
200. Rajakar Danesh Ali, Village-Ghoshbari, Muktagacha
201. Rajakar Dr. Shamsul Alam, Village-Goari, Muktagacha
202. Rajakar Abdus Sattar, Village-Sonargaon, Muktagacha
203. Rajakar Altaf Ali (Alta) Village-Bejbari, Muktagacha
204. Rajakar Late Abed Ali, Village- Mohishtara, Muktagacha
205. Rajakar Abu Hanifa, Village- Mohishtara, Muktagacha
206. Rajakar Md. Chan Miah, Village-Tarati, Muktagacha
207. Shamsul Haque Chairman, Muktagacha, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
208. Late Abdul Hamid Moulobi Chamrman, Muktagacha, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
209. Late Abdur Razzak Chairman, Muktagacha, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
210. Sheikh Abdul Hakim, Muktagacha, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
211. Late Keramat Ali Talukder, Father-Late Zahed Ali Talukder, Village-Sonargoan, Rajakar & Peace Committee President.

Fulbaria Thana
212. Rajakar Commandar Haji Ajmat Hossain, Fulbaria
213. Rajakar Late Abdus Sattar Master, Village-Chandpur, Fulbaria
214. Rajakar Late Hasen Ali, Village-Jorbaria, Fulbaria
215. Rajakar Late Naimoddin, Village-Fulbaria, Fulbaria
216. Rajakar Md. Kalimuddin, Village-Fulbaria, Fulbaria
217. Rajakar Late Afsar Uddin, Village-Fulbaria, Fulbaria
218. Rajakar Naimoddin, Village-Bhalukjan, Fulbaria
219. Rajakar Md. Nurul Islam, Father-Naimoddin, Village-Bhalukjan, Fulbaria
220. Rajakar Md. Habibur Rahman (Habi), Village-Bhalukjan, Fulbaria
221. Rajakar Md. Kalimuddin, Vilalge-Koashmail, Fulbaria
222. Rajakar Late Nurul Amin, Village-Koashmail, Fulbaria
223. Rajakar Haji Ajmat Hossain, Village-Polashihata, Fulbaria
224. Rajakar Late Hatem Ali, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
225. Rajakar Dr. Abul Hossain, Village-Polashihata, Thana- Fulbaria
226. Rajakar Late Kashu Miah, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
227. Rajakar Chandu Miah, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
228. Rajakar Abdul Khaleque, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
229. Rajakar Md. Shahidullah Mondal, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
230. Rajakar Md. Abdul Kuddus, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
231. Rajakar Siraj Ali, Village-Badihati, Fulbaria
232. Rajakar Chandu, Father-Haji Iman Ali, Village-Namasri, Fulbaria
233. Rajakar Late Abdul Hai, Village-Nishchintopur, Fulbaria
234. Rajakar Abdul Khaleque, Village-Nishchintopur, Fulbaria
235. Rajakar Late Shahan Ali, Village-Nishchintopur, Fulbaria
236. Rajakar Haja Dakat (Ajahar), Village-Nishchintopur, Fulbaria
237. Rajakar Abdus Salam, Village-Nishchintopur, Fulbaria
238. Rajakar Nuru Dakat, Village-Nishchintopur, Fulbaria
239. Rajakar Moulana Abdus Samad, Village-Nishchintopur, Fulbaria
240. Rajakar Md. Malek Monshi, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
241. Rajakar Mobarak Ali, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
242. Rajakar Mohammad Ali, Village-Badihati, Fulbaria
243. Rajakar Ahad Ullah, Father-Kamini mondal, Village-Naogaon, Fulbaria
244. Rajakar Sayrat Uddin (Driver), Village-Fulbaria, Fulbaria
245. Late Moksed Ali Sarker, Fulbaria, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
246. Late Safor Ali Sarker, Fulbaria, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
247. Late Azizul Haque, Fulbaria, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
248. Sabed Ali Akond, Fulbaria, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
249. Late Yeakub Ali Chairman, Fulbaria, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member

250. Rajakar Late Atik Ullah Chowdhury (Dhonu Miah), Village-Dhamchair, Bhaluka
251. Rajakar Late Bela Khan, Village-Meduari, Bhaluka
252. Rajakar Md. Mostafezur Rahman Chairman, Village-Kharuari, Bhaluka
253. Rajakar Md. Abdul Hamid Kari, Village-Satenga, Bhaluka
254. Rajaka Abdul Hashem, Bhaluka
255. Rajakar Helal Uddin Mondal, Father-Mozammel, Thana-Bhaluka
256. Rajakar Shamsul Haque Fakir, Father-Meher Ali Fakir, Village-Kharuari, Bhaluka
257. Rajakar Khokon Member, Village-Bhaluka, Bhaluka
258. Rajakar Md. Nazrul Islam Master (Kankata), Bhaluka
259. Rajakar Late Abdul Mannan (Kankata), Bhaluka
260. Rajakar Md. Abdul Mojid Sheikh (Kankata), Bhaluka
261. Rajakar Abdul Latif (Kankata), Village-Kathali, Bhaluka
262. Rajakar Abdus Shahid Master, Father-Jorif Khan, Village-Kathali, Bhaluka
263. Rajakar Late Shahor Ali Master, Village-Kathali, Bhaluka
264. Rajaka Mainuddin (Reporter), Village-Satenga, Bhaluka
265. Rajakar Abdul Hai, Father-Moyna, Bhaluka
266. Rajakar Abul Hashim, Father-Moyna, Bhaluka
267. Rajakar Late Ajmat Ali, Village-Bandabor, Bhaluka
268. Rajakar Late Hamidullah, Village-Auliachala, Bhaluka
269. Rajakar Shadullah, Village-Auliachala, Bhaluka
270. Rajakar Moulana Mohammad Gias Uddin, Village-Khurdhar, Bhaluka
271. Rajakar Abul Hossain, Village-Khurdhar, Bhaluka
272. Rajakar Dula Mollik, Village-Goyari, Bhaluka
273. Rajakar Mafizuddin Chairman, Bhaluka
274. Rajakar Late Taher Ali Chairman, Bhaluka
275. Rajakar Late Kalimullah Master, Village-Pachgoan, Bhaluka
276. Rajakar Late Siddique Master, Village-Pachgoan, Bhaluka
277. Rajakar Sabed Ali Fakir, Village-Katlabari, Bhaluka
278. Rajakar Shah Najim, Village-Mirka, Bhaluka
279. Rajakar Golap, Father-Late Abdur Rashid, Bhaluka
280. Rajakar Abdul Awal, Village-Kharuari, Bhaluka
281. Rajakar Abdur Razzak, Father-Late Abdur Rahim, Village-Kharuari, Bhaluka
282. Rajakar Badsha, Village-Mallikbari, Bhaluka
283. Rajakar Late Hossain Ali Munshi, Village-Mollikbari, Bhaluka
284. Rajaka Mrs. Marium Akther, Bhaluka
285. Rajakar Late Hekmat, Village-Mollikbari, Bhaluka
286. Rajakar Abdul, Village-Mollikbari, Bhaluka
287. Rajakar Ahmad Ali Pagol, Village-Mollikbari, Bhaluka
288. Rajakar Late Hafiz Uddin, Village-Mollikbari, Bhaluka
289. Rajakar Abu Sayed (Kankata), Village-Bashi, Bhaluka
290. Rajakar Late Ajmat Dafadar (Kankata), Village-Dhansoir, Bhaluka
291. Rajakar Kalu (Kankata), Village-Miduari, Bhaluka
292. Rajakar Abdur Rahman, Father- Late Ahmad Ali, Village-Dhansoir, Bhaluka
293. Rajakar Rafikul Islam, Village-Dhansoir, Bhaluka
294. Afakuddin Bepari Chairman, Bhaluka, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
295. Md. Nasiruddin Chairman, Bhaluka, Mymensingh, Rajakar & Peace Committee member

Trishal Thana
296. Rajakar Md. Fazlul Haque Khan, Trishal
297. Rajakar Late Wazed Ali, Village-Trishal Charpara, Trishal
298. Rajakar Late Bhola Miah, Village-Kumaria, Trishal
299. Rajakar Late Abdul Motaleb, Trishal
300. Rajakar Hurmat Ali, Village-Chikna, Trishal
301. Rajakar Chan Miah, Village-Trishal Bazar, Trishal
302. Rajakar Osman Ali, Village-Trishal Bazar, Trishal
303. Rajakar Md. Adil Sarkar Chairman, Trishal
304. Rajakar Mohammad Anisur Rahman Manik, Village-Mandatia, Trishal
305. Rajakar Abdur Razzak, Village-Konabari, Trishal
306. Rajakar Altaf Ali, Village-Namapara, Trishal
307. Rajakar Haji Abdul Hai, Village-Trishal Ujanpara, Trishal
308. Rajakar Abdul Motaleb, Father-Late Hatem Ali Monsi, Village-Trishal Namapara, Trishal
309. Rajakar Abdul Wahab, Father-Late Abdus Samad Sarkar, Trishal
310. Rajakar Hasmot Ali, Father-Late Fajor Ali, Village-Charpara, Trishal
311. Rajakar Yeakub Ali, Father-Late Rajab Ali, Village-Charpara, Trishal
312. Rajakar Abdur Rashid, Father-Late Rustum Ali, Village-Charpara, Trishal
313. Rajakar Late Nawab Ali Sarkar, Village-Durgapur, Trishal
314. Rajakar Md. Ansar Ali, Village-Porabari, Trishal

Islampur Thana
315. *Mr. Nuruzzaman, Father-Mahmud Ali, Village-Gopalnagar, Thana-Islampur, Mymensingh.

Sreebordi Thana
316. *Mr. Mofizuddin Islam, Father-Munshi Mofizuddin, Village-Katih, Thana-Sreebordi, Mymensingh

Kalmakanda Thana
317. *Mr. Ali Osman, Father-Abbas Ali Fakir, Village-Khakin Ranigaon, Thana-Kalmakanda, Mymensingh

318. Rajakar Shajahan Chowdhury, Village-Rangsa, Sherpur Sadar
319. Rajakar Late Mojammel chowdhury, Village-Rangsa, Sherpur Sadar
320. Rajakar Late Prof. Abdus Sattar, Sherpur Government College
321. Rajakar Motiur Rahman, (Moti Chairman) Village-Nayaani Bazar, Sherpur Sadar
322. Rajakar Late Samedul Haque, Village-Narayanpur, Sherpur Sadar
323. Rajakar Late Joynal Abedin Moktar, Village-Kharampur, Sherpur Sadar
324. Rajakar Kamal typist, Father-Joynal Abedin, Village- Kharampur, Sherpur Sadar
325. Rajakar Adv. Shamsul Huda, Village- Kharampur, Sherpur Sadar
326. Rajakar Ali Azom Master, Village- Kharampur, Sherpur Sadar
327. Rajakar Adv. Amirnul Islam, Village- Kharampur, Sherpur Sadar
328. Rajakar Sayed Ahmed Chairman, Village-Chapatoli, Sherpur
329. Rajakar Late Nasiruddin Military, Village- Kharampur, Sherpur Sadar
330. Rajakar Late Sulfet Mojibur, Village- Kharampur, Sherpur Sadar
331. Rajakar Jiarot Ali Khan, Village-Surjadi, Sherpur
332. Rajakar Makbul Hossain, Nabinagar, Sherpur
333. Rajakar late Abdul Hamid Chairman, Village-Bajitkhila, Sherpur
334. Rajakar late Shakwat Hossain, Father-Afsar Uddin, Village-Raghunathpur, Sherpur
335. Rajakar Md. Abul Hossain Sarker, Village-Namahawra, Sherpur
336. Rajakar Jomsed Ali Member, Village-Hawra Bhotpara, Sherpur
337. Rajakar Eshaque Ali, Village-Shapari, Sherpur
338. Rajakar late Jonab Ali, Village-Tarakandi, Sherpur
339. Rajakar late Sokur Masud, Village-Tarakandi, Sherpur
340. Rajakar Mohejuddin Member, Village-Tarakandi, Sherpur
341. Rajakar Mobarak Hossain, Village-Gazirkhamar, Sherpur
342. Rajakar Mohejuddin Master, Village-Gazirveeta, Sherpur
343. Rajakar Md. Yead Ali Khan, Village-Surjadi, Sherpur
344. Rajakar Md. Abul Kashem, Village-Alinapara, Sherpur
345. Rajakar Md. Sohabaz Ali, Village-Alinapara, Sherpur
346. Rajakar Md. Joynal Miah, Village-Charsapmaree, Sherpur
347. Rajakar Md. Ishaque, Village-Charsapmaree, Sherpur
348. Rajakar Md. Sakwat Hossain, Village-Raghunathpur, Sherpur
349. Late. Samedul Haque, Sherpur, Rajakar & Peace Committee member

350. Rajakar Md. Abdur Rahman Haji, Father-Hasen Ali, Village-Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
351. Rajakar Akramuzzaman, Father-Hasen Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
352. Rajakar Abdul Malek, Father-Kashem Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
353. Rajakar Abdul Hannan, Father-Kashem Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
354. Rajakar Abdul Hai, Father-Kashem Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
355. Rajakar Abdul Barik, Father-Kashem Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
356. Rajakar Awal, Father-Kashem Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
357. Rajakar Habib Ullah, Father-Haji Shamsuddin (Sufi), Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
358. Rajakar Motaleb, Father-Haji Shamsuddin (Sufi), Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
359. Rajakar Abdullah, Father-Haji Shamsuddin (Sufi), Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
360. Rajakar Asadullah, Father-Kashem Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
361. Rajakar Abdur Razzak, Father-Meher Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
362. Rajakar Abdur Rezzak, Father-Abdul Kadir, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
363. Rajakar Siraj, Father- Khalilur Rahman, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
364. Rajakar Idris Ali, Father-Sayed Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
365. Rajakar Reazuddin, Father-Khalilur Rahman, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
366. Rajakar Mannan, Father-Najor Ali, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
367. Rajakar Rashid, Village- Gobindanagar, Nalitabari
368. Rajakar Noor Mohammad, Father-Abdul Hakim Doctor, Village-Sitpara, Nalitabari
369. Rajakar Husen Ali, Father-Ayenuddin Monsi, Village-Sitpara, Nalitabari
370. Rajakar Rahim, Father-Hamir Uddin, Village-Sitpara, Nalitabari
371. Rajakar Rajab Ali, Village-Sitpara, Nalitabari
372. Rajakar Salam, Father-Shorafat, Village-Mogania, Nalitabari
373. Rajakar Kadir, Father-Sayed Ali, Village-Mogania, Nalitabari
374. Rajakar Rashid, Village-Mogania, Nalitabari
375. Rajakar Isob Ali Monsi, Father- Joidhar Ali, Village-Mogania, Nalitabari
376. Rajakar Abul Bashar, Father- Abdul Aziz, Village-Kapashia, Nalitabari
377. Rajakar Malek, Father-Dibu Sheikh, Village-Bathurarkanda, Nalitabari
378. Rajakar Abdur Rahman, Village-Konnagar, Nalitabari
379. Rajakar Amir Ali, Father-Ahmmad Ali, Village-Ranigoan, Nalitabari
380. Rajakar Abu Bakar, Father-Ayenuddin, Village-Ranigoan, Nalitabari
381. Rajakar Jamal Uddin, Village-Kalinogar, Nalitabari
382. Rajakar Sobhan (Dudu), Father-Mohar Hazi, Village-Kalinogar, Nalitabari
383. Rajakar Hussen Ali, Father-Safur Uddin, Village-Kalinogar, Nalitabari
384. Rajakar Akitullah, Father-Hasen Ali, Village-Kalinogar, Nalitabari
385. Rajakar Hasen Ali (Kocha), Father-Saheb Ali, Village-Gorkanda, Nalitabari
386. Rajakar Hormuz Ali, Father-Nosar Dewani, Village-Baghber, Nalitabari
387. Rajakar Mohammad Ullah, Father-Ator Ali Monsi, Village-Shimultola, Nalitabari
388. Rajakar Nobi Hussaen, Father-Jamal Uddin, Village-Shimultola, Nalitabari
389. Rajakar Noora, Village-Chakpara, Nalitabari
390. Rajakar Rafizuddin Dewan, Father-Lalu Mridha, Nalitabari
391. Rajakar Ajgor Ali Khan, Father-Jonab Ali Khan, Nalitabari
392. Rajakar Shamsul Hauqe, Father-Omed Ali, Village- Gerapocha, Nalitabari
393. Rajakar Hasen Ali, Father-Badon Sheikh, Village-Shohagpur, Nalitabari
394. Rajakar Tofazzal, Father-Korban Ali, Village-Chakpara, Nalitabari
395. Rajakar Golam Mostafa, Father-Raisuddin Talukdar, Village-Shohagpur, Nalitabari
396. Rajakar Abdul Khaleque Master, Village-Ghakpara, Nalitabari
397. Rajakar Makbul Hossain, Father-Samad Ali, Village-Benupara, Nalitabari
398. Rajakar Rakib, Village-Bonkura, Nalitabari
399. Rajakar Kudrat Ali, Village-Bonkura, Nalitabari
400. Rajakar Osman Goni, Father-Toni Sheikh, Village-Nonni Uttar, Nalitabari
401. Rajakar Bishu Miah, Village-Barmari, Nalitabari
402. Rajakar Alep Uddin, Father-Rois Uddin, Village-Rajnagar, Nalitabari
403. Rajakar Makbul Hossain, Father-Kashem Ali, Village-Hatipagar, Nalitabari
404. Rajakar Kalu, Father-Safur Sarker, Village-Bogaichapur, Nalitabari
405. Rajakar Islam, Father-Safur Saker, Village-Bogaichapur, Nalitabari
406. Rajakar Safor Uddin, Father-Osan Sheikh, Village-Kendua, Nalitabari
407. Rajakar Tofazzal, Father-Sharafot Ali, Village-Nayabil, Nalitabari
408. Rajakar Kaiyum, Father-Motaleb Member, Village-Chandgaon, Nalitabari
409. Rajakar Mohir Uddin, Father-Kasum Sheikh, Village-Kenduapara, Nalitabari
410. Rajakar Ali, Father-Lilu, Village-Bogaichapara, Nalitabari
411. Rajakar Inatullah, Village-Bogaichapara, Nalitabari
412. Rajakar Siraj, Father-Amaullah Haji, Village-Taraganjbazar, Nalitabari
413. Rajakar Shohrab, Village-Barmari, Nalitabari
414. Rajakar Abdul Haque, Village-Nonniuttar, Nalitabari
415. Rajakar Ziar Uddin, Village-Bondadhara, Nalitabari
416. Rajakar Ahmmad Ali, Father-Shahar Ali, Village-Guzakura, Nalitabari
417. Rajakar Shohrab Ali, Father-Ahmmad Ali, Village-Bashkanda, Nalitabari
418. Rajakar Garo, Father-Basu, Village-Bashkanda, Nalitabari
419. Rajakar Moyoz Uddin, Father-Miraj Ali, Village-Morichpuran, Nalitabari
420. Rajakar Abdul Aziz, Father-Ayen Uddin, Village-Bhogairpar, Nalitabari
421. Rajakar Hazrat Ali, Father-Chabi Sheikh, Village-Bhogairpar, Nalitabari
422. Rajakar Suruz Ali, Father-Hazrat Ali, Village-Bhogairpar, Nalitabari
423. Rajakar Abdur Rahman, Nalitabari
424. Rajakar late Ajgor Ali, Nalitabari
425. Rajakar Abul Kashem Sharif, Village-Morichpuran, Nalitabari
426. Rajakar late Ahsan Ali, Nalitabari
427. Rajakar Delowar Hossain (Dilu), Village-Shohagpur, Nalitabari

428. Rajakar Nonda, Village-Bonpara, Jamalpur Sadar
429. Rajakar Yousuf Mastar, Head Master of Singherzani High School
430. Rajakar Prof. Abdul Gani, Village-Ikbalpur, Jamalpur
431. Rajakar Prof. Abdur Rob, Teacher of Ashek Mahmud College, Jamalpur
432. Rajakar Late Prof. Abdul Aziz, Teacher of Ashek Mahmud College, Jamalpur
433. Rajakar Late Amezuddin Chairman, Village-Fulbaria Station Road, Jamalpur
434. Rajakar Chan Miah, Village-Kacharipara, Jamalpur
435. Rajakar Soleman, Village-Kacharipara, Jamalpur
436. Rajakar late Hanu Moulobi, Village-Palisha, Jamalpur
437. Rajakar Nurul Haque Master, Father-late Moyen Uddin Mondal, Village-Jongalpara, Jamalpur
438. Rajakar Kazi Abdur Rahim, Village-Beltia, Jamalpur
439. *Mr. M A Gani, Father-Late Hazi Sekandar Ali, Village-Iqbalpur, Thana-Jamalpur Sadar, Jamalpur
Netrokona District
Netrokona Sadar Thana
440. Rajakar Moulana Manjorul Haque, Netrokona Sadar
441. Rajakar Khorshed Ali Chowdhury, Netrokona Sadar
442. Rajakar Moulana Fazlul Karim, Netrokona Sadar
443. Rajakar Moulana Abdul Khaleque Master, Village-Kunia, Netrokona Sadar
444. Rajakar Dr. Abdur Rezzak, Village-Sutarpur, Netrokona Sadar
445. Rajakar Khorshed Ali, Village-Sonajur, Netrokona Sadar
446. Rajakar Late Nurul Amin Master, Netrokona Sadar
447. Rajakar Farukh Ahmed, Netrokona Sadar
448. Rajakar Reazuddin Chairman, Village-Bali, Netrokona Sadar
449. Rajakar Amir Ali Khan Pathan, Netrokona Sadar
450. Rajakar Noab Ali Akand, Netrokona Sadar
451. Rajakar Nabalak Miah, Village-Madanpur, Netrokona Sadar
452. Rajakar Late Asimuddin Sheikh, Netrokona Sadar
453. Rajakar Sheikh Nazmul Hossain, Netrokona Sadar
454. Rajakar Late Moula Miah, Azhar Road, Netrokona Sadar

Atpara Thana
455. Rajakar Manjorul Haque, Village-Bugapara, Thana- Atpara
456. Rajakar Late Abdul Hakim Talukder, Village-Ghagra, Thana- Atpara
457. Rajakar Nannu Miah, Village-Goatla, Thana- Atpara
458. Rajakar Nazmul Sheikh, Village-Ekor Atia, Thana- Atpara
459. Rajakar Obaydul Haque Taher, Village-Bugapara, Thana- Atpara
460. Rajakar Habibur Rahman Bhuiyan, Village-Sunoi, Thana- Atpara

Barhatta Thana
461. Rajakar Muslem, Thana-Barhatta
462. Rajakar Tota, Thana-Barhatta
463. Rajakar Badsha, Thana-Barhatta
464. Rajakar Abdur Rezzak, Village-Alokdia, Thana-Barhatta
465. Rajakar Dudu Miah, Village-Alokdia, Thana-Barhatta
466. Rajakar late Aftab Uddin, Village-Salipur, Thana-Barhatta
467. Rajakar Abbas Ali Khan, Village-Koilati, Thana-Barhatta
468. Rajakar Chowdhury Daroga, Village- Koilati, Thana-Barhatta
469. Rajakar Abdul Malek Master, Village- Koilati, Thana-Barhatta
470. Rajakar Zahed Imam, Village-Chandrapur, Thana-Barhatta

Kalmakanda Thana
471. Rajakar Mofazzol Hossain Khan, Village-Satrongpur, Thana Kalmakanda
472. Rajakar Shuruz Miah, Village-Barokaton, Thana-Kalmakanda
473. Rajakar Shamsul Huda Pathan, Village-Rongsati, Thana-Kalmakanda
474. Rajakar Shamsul Huda, Village-Rahimpur, Thana-Kalmakanda
475. Rajakar Abdul Ali, Village-Bimara, Thana-Kalmakanda
476. Rajakar Late Abdul Khaleque, Village-Choita, Thana-Kalmakanda
477. Rajakar Abdul Jalil, Village-Chikarpuri, Thana-almakanda
478. Rajakar late Abdul Ali, Village-Bishara, Thana-Kalmakanda

Purbadhala Thana
479. Rajakar Bashir Akond, Thana-Purbadhala
480. Rajakar Shraf Uddin, Thana-Purbadhala
481. Rajakar Abdul Mannan Kulu, Thana-Purbadhala
482. Rajakar Moulana Fazlul Haque, Village-Khalishapur, Thana-Purbadhala
483. Rajakar Moulana Ahmed Ali, Village-Dampara, Thana-Purbadhala
484. Rajakar Adom Ali Mir, Village-Hogla, Thana-Purbadhala

Kendua Thana
485. Rajakar Anju, Thana-Kendua
486. Rajakar Chamak Ali, Village-Harulia, Thana-Kendua
487. Rajakar Matiur Rahman, Village-Maska, Thana-Kendua
488. Rajakar Head Master Sadeque Miah, Thana-Kendua
489. Rajakar late Kala Miah Chairman, Vilage-Pijahati, Thana-Kendua
490. Rajakar late Nuru Master, Village-Kawrad, Thana-Kendua
491. Rajakar late Badal Miah, Village-Kandiura, Thana-Kendua
492. Rajakar Md. Joynal Miah, Village-Kandiura, Thana-Kendua
493. Rajakar Abdul Wadud Khan, Village-Kalomati, Thana-Kendua
494. Rajakar Late Jong Bahadur Dofader, Village-Nolla, Thana-Kendua
495. Late Khoka, Village-Silampur, Thana-Kendua, Netrokona, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
496. Anju, Village-Ghagra, Thana-Kendua, Netrokona, Rajakar & Peace Committee member

District: Netrokona
Mohanganj Thana
497. Rajakar Abdul Khaleuqe, Village-Panur, Thana- Mohanganj
498. Rajakar Lal Hossain, Village- Dewkhan, Thana- Mohanganj
499. Rajakar late Sonamdi Khan, Village Baham, Thana- Mohanganj
500. Rajakar Abdul Aziz Nayeb, Village-Manshri, Thana- Mohanganj
501. Rajakar Soruj Ali Khan Pathan, Thana- Mohanganj
502. Rajakar Abdul Hai (Kari Miah), Village-Makhan, Thana- Mohanganj
503. Rajakar Mahtab Uddin, Thana- Mohanganj
504. Rajakar Ibrahim, Village-Dewkhan, Thana- Mohanganj
505. Rajakar Late Habibur Rahman Samrat, Village-Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
506. Rajakar Late Abdul Khaleque, Village- Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
507. Rajakar Late Chan Miah, Villlage-Majan, Thana- Mohanganj
508. Rajakar Late Karim Newaz Khan, Village-Panur, Thana- Mohanganj
509. Rajakar Chonnu Miah, Village- Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
510. Rajakar Nazrul Sheikh, Thana- Mohanganj
511. Rajakar Nazrul Islam, Village-Manshri, Thana- Mohanganj
512. Rajakar Rabiullah, Village-Manshri, Thana- Mohanganj
513. Rajakar Golam Robbani Khan Pathan, Village- Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
514. Rajakar Saddu Miah, Village- Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
515. Rajakar Abdus Sattar, Village-Gharmoshri, Thana- Mohanganj
516. Rajakar Ashraf Ali Chowdhury, Village-Gharmoshri, Thana- Mohanganj
517. Rajakar late Abdur Rezzak, Village-Alokdia, Thana- Mohanganj
518. Rajakar Late Gias Uddin, Village- Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
519. Rajakar Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, Village- Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
520. Rajakar Amjad Miah, Village- Barokashia, Thana- Mohanganj
521. Rajakar Soab Uddin Chairman, Village-Mahsudpur, Thana- Mohanganj
522. Abul Hossain Sheikh, Thana-Mohanganj, Netrokona, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
523. Mahtabuddin, Village-Barokashi, Thana-Mohanganj, Netrokona, Rajakar & Peace Committee member

Durgapur Thana
524. Rajakar Kitab Ali Talukder, Village-Gujirkona, Thana- Durgapur
525. Rajakar late Alkas Ali Mondal, Village-Gujirkona, Thana- Durgapur
526. Rajakar Amsor Member, Village-Jagirpara, Thana- Durgapur
527. RajakarMokther Mohiuddin Mridha, Thana- Durgapur
528. Rajakar Abdul Khaleque, Thana- Durgapur
529. Rajakar Idris Miah, Thana- Durgapur
530. Rajakar late Joynal Miah, Thana- Durgapur
531. Rajakar late Shamsu Member, Village-Purakandulia, Thana- Durgapur
532. Rajakar late Protik Ali Chairman, Thana- Durgapur
533. Rajakar Abdur Rashid, Village-Purakandulia, Thana- Durgapur
534. Rajakar Moulana Ahsan Ali, Village-Khalishapur, Thana- Durgapur
535. Rajakar Ahmed Talukder, Village-Jaria, Thana- Durgapur
536. Rajakar Kobaduzzaman Khan (Helo Miah) Village-Jaria, Thana- Durgapur
537. Rajakar Pinu Bhuiyan, Thana- Durgapur
538. Rajakar Runu Bhuiyan, Village-Jhanjail, Thana- Durgapur
539. Rajakar Mohiuddin Mridha, Thana- Durgapur
540. Rajakar Idris Chairman, Thana- Durgapur

Madan Thana
541. Rajakar Abdul Jabbar, Village-Changoan, Thana- Madan
542. Rajakar Abdul Malek, Villag + Thana- Madan
543. Rajakar Abdul Barek, Village + Thana- Madan
544. Rajakar Md. Abdul Motaleb, Village-Balai, Thana- Madan
545. Rajakar Shamsul Huda, Thana- Madan
546. Rajakar Md. Abdus Sobhan, Thana- Madan
547. Rajakar Hedayet Ullah BSC (Anju Moulana), Village-Kulshri, Thana- Madan

District: Kishoreganj
548. Rajakar Abdul Monayem Khan, Village-Homaipur, Thana-Bajitpur
549. Rajakar Moulana Atahar Ali, (Sylheti)
550. Rajakar Moulana Ataur Rahman Khan, Father-Moulana Ahmed Ali Khan, Kishoreganj Sadar
551. Rajakar Musa, Thana-Bajitpur
552. Rajakar Prof. Mahtab Uddin, (Gurudawal College) Joshodal, Kishoreganj Sadar
553. Rajakar Abul Hashim, son of Mofiz Haji, Village-Chiknirchar, Kishoreganj Sadar
554. Rajakar late Dulal, Village-Kariai, Kishoreganj Sadar
555. Rajakar Shamsuddin, Village-Bashhati, Kishoreganj Sadar
556. Rajakar Jalal, Father-Abdus Sobhan, Village-Norda, Kishoreganj Sadar
557. Rajakar Abul Hossain, Village-Norda, Kishoreganj Sadar
558. Rajakar Mofij Uddin, Village-Sholakia, Kishoreganj Sadar
559. Rajakar late Abdul Mannan, Father- Haji Mahmud Nobi, Village-Kalikabari, Kishoreganj Sadar
560. Rajakar Moulana Abdul Hamid (Ex Super) Village-Noahat, Kishoreganj Sadar
561. Rajakar Moulana Abdul Khaleque, Village-Kazirgoan, Kishoreganj Sadar
562. Rajakar Moulana Montazuddin, Village-Kazirgoan, Kishoreganj Sadar
563. Rajakar Moulana Adom Ali, Village-Kazirgoan, Kishoreganj Sadar
564. Rajakar Moulana Yousuf Ali, Village-Choddosato, Kishoreganj Sadar
565. Rajakar Moulana Yeahia, Village-Tutiarchar, Kishoreganj Sadar
566. Rajakar late Moulana Sirajuddin, Village- Choddosato, Kishoreganj Sadar
567. Rajakar Gias Uddin, Village-Kolapara, Kishoreganj Sadar
568. Rajakar Rostum Ali, Father- Medor, Village-Ghaghat, Kishoreganj Sadar
569. Rajakar Moulana Abdul Mannan, Village- Ghondar, thana- Kishoreganj
570. Rajakar Arman, Village-Sholakia, Kishoreganj Sadar
571. Rajakar Lokman Moulbi, Village-Gharampatti, Kishoreganj Sadar
572. Rajakar Mugal Miah, Village-Mohindar, Kishoreganj Sadar
573. Rajakar late Akkas Ali, Village-Mohindar, Kishoreganj Sadar
574. Rajakar Kasu, Village-Mohindar, Kishoreganj Sadar
575. Rajakar late Abdul Maleque, Father- Asok Ali, Village-Kolapara, Kishoreganj Sadar
576. Rajakar Juro Miah, Village-Kasurarchar, Kishoreganj Sadar
577. Rajakar Nurul Islam, Village-Mohindar, Kishoreganj Sadar
578. Rajakar late Abdur Jabbar Member, Village-Melabazar, Kishoreganj Sadar
579. Rajakar Mahtab Driver, Village-Sholakia, Kishoreganj Sadar
580. Rajakar Abdur Rahman, Father-late Amir Hossain, Village-Birdhampara, Kishoreganj Sadar
581. Rajakar Iman Hossain, Village-Madhunagar, Kishoreganj Sadar
582. Rajakar Omar Ali, Kishoreganj Sadar
583. Rajakar Omed Ali, Kishoreganj Sadar
584. Rajakar Moulana Moslemuddin, Kishoreganj Sadar
585. Menu Chairman, Village-Chiknirchar, Kishoreganj, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
586. Mahtabuddin Chairman, Village-Kolapara, Kishoreganj, Rajakar & Peace Committee member
587. Abdur Rahman Sarker, Village-Joshodal, Kishoreganj, Rajakar & Peace Committee member

Karimganj Thana
588. *Mr. Syed Lokeman Hakim, Father-Amiruddin, Village-Kairat, Thana-Karimganj, Kishoreganj

Bhairab Thana
589. *Mr. Mujibur Rahman, Father-Hazi Hossain Ali, Village-Chandibar, Thana-Bhairab, Kishoreganj

District: Faridpur
590. Rajakar Dr. Kazi Emdadul Haque, Village-Hamidi, Thana-Bhanga, Faridpur
591. Rajakar Abul Kalam Azad Bachchu
592. Rajakar Alauddin
593. Rajakar Afzaluddin
594. Rajakar Adv. Moez Uddin
595. Rajakar Musa-bin-Shamser
596. Rajakar Khidir Khan
597. Rajakar Nannu
598. Rajakar Badu
599. Rajakar Binoy
600. Rajakar Chando
601. Rajakar Kana Hasi
602. Rajakar Khokon, Nogarkanda, Faridpur
603. *Mr. Saifur Rahman, Father-Nowabjada Lutifur Rahman, Village-Rajam, Thana-Boalmari, Faridpur
604. *Mr. Rastum Ali Khan, Father-Baser Ali Khan, Village-Maslandpur, Thana-Boalmari, Faridpur
605. *Mr. Syed Md. Ali, Father-Late Saiyid Abu Sayed, Village-Chahaiani Khardia, Thana-Nagarkanda, Faridpur

District: Madaripur
606. Rajakar Khalil Jomadder
607. Rajakar Babul
608. Rajakar Nannu
609. Rajakar Shahed Ali
610. Rajakar Advocate Nannu
611. Rajakar Pappu
612. Rajakar Abdul Khaleque
613. Rajakar Hayder Mollah
614. Rajakar Mozaffer Baksh Mollah
615. Rajakar Madar Baksh Mollah
616. Rajakar Abu Taleb

District: Shariatpur
617. Rajakar Joynal Bhuiyan

Zanjira Thana
618. *Mr. Qazi Mokhlesur Rahman, Father-Late Qazi Naziruddin, Village-Uttar Kabilnagar, Thana-Zanjira,
Shariyatpur Thana
619. *Mr. Shamsur Rahman, Father-Late Alfazruddin, Howladar, Village-Chabbishpara, Thana-Zanjira, Shariyatpur
620. *Mr. Tafazzal Hossain, Father-Moulovi Abdul Hamid, Village-Gopalpur, Thana-Zanjira, Shariyatpur

Bhedarganj Thana
621. *Mr. Md. Soleman Ukil, Father-Hazi Meser Ali Munshi, Village-Mazi Kandi, Thana-Bhedarganj, Shariyatpur

District: Rajbari
622. *Mr. Syed Kamal, alias Khamar, Father-Syed Hafiz, Benodpur Town Rajbari, Thana-Rajbari, Rajbari

Disctrict: Gopalganj
623. Rajakar Ohiduzzaman, Tungipara, Gopalganj
624. Rajakar Kafu miah, Tungipara, Gopalganj
625. Rajakar Lal Miah, Tungipara, Gopalganj
626. Rajakar Raton Miah, Tungipara, Gopalganj
627. Rajakar Hemayet, Tungipara, Gopalganj
628. Rajakar Abdur Rab, Tungipara, Gopalganj
629. Rajakar Moni Miah, Tongipara, Gopalganj
630. Rajakar Aroj, Tongipara, Gopalganj
631. *Mr. Wahiduzzaman, alias Thanda Miah, Father-Late Abdul Quader, Village-Gopalganj Town, Thana-Gopalganj, Gopalganj

District- Rajshahi
632. Rajakar Afajuddin
633. Rajakar Mujaffar Master
634. Rajakar Zabir Member
635. Rajakar Kader Master
636. Rajakar Shamsuzzaman Boltu
637. Rajakar Abdul Alim MP
638. Rajakar Abdul Motin
639. Rajakar Razzak
640. Rajakar Altaf
641. Rajakar Roich
642. Rajakar Motin
643. Rajakar Mojibar Rahman
644. Rajakar Jalil

Boalia Thana
645. *Mr. Jasimuddin Ahmed, Father-Hazi Tajuddin Ahemd, Village-Seroil, Thana-Boalia, Rajshahi
646. *Mr. Zeaul Alam Md. Yusuf Khan, alias Khwaja, Father-Late Joynal Abedin, Village-Ahmedpur, Thana-Boalia, Rajshahi

Rajshahi Sadar
647. *Mr. Abdus Sobhan, Father-Naziruddin, Dhorgapara of Town Rajshahi, Thana- Rajshahi Sadar Thana

Paba Thana
648. *Mr. Md. Ainuddin, alias Ainul, Father-Aizuddin Mondal, Village-Shyampur, Thana-Paba, Rajshahi

District: Nawabganj
Shibganj Thana
649. *Mr. Momtazuddin Ahmed, Father-Zearuddin Mondal, Village-Raniban, Thana-Shibganj
650. *Dr. Irtiza Alam, Father-Idris Ahmad, Village-Sabekpekulipara, Thana-Shibganj
651. *Mr. Momtazuddin Ahmed, Father-Zearuddin Mondal, Village-Raniban, Thana-Shibganj, Nawabganj

Gomastapur Thana
652. *Mr. Afazuddin, Father-Munshi Kasimuddin Ahmed, Village-Gomastapur, Thana-Gomastapur
653. *Mr. Afazuddin, Father- Munshi Kasimuddin Ahmed, Village-Gomastapur, Thana-Gomastapur

Nachol Thana
654. *Moulovi Mir Obaidullah, Father-Abbas Ali, Village-Rohanpur, Thana-Nachol

Nawabganj Sadar Thana
655. *Mr. Taib Ali, Father-Late Sefatullah Mollah, Fakirpur of Town Nowabganj, Thana-Nowabganj

District: Nilphamari
Jaldhaka Thana
656. *Mr. Jabanuddin Ahmed, Father- Rahimuddin, Village-Purba Kathali, Thana-Jaldhaka, Nilphamari
657. *Mr. Quazi A Kader, Father- Quazi Late Abeduddin Ahmed, Village-Soalmani, Thana-Jhaldaka, Nilphamari
658. *Mr. Jabanuddin Ahmed, Father- Rahmuddin, Village-Purba Kathali, Thana-Jaldhaka

District: Joypurhat
Joypurhat Sadar Thana
659. *Mr. Abdul Alim, Father-Abdul Wahed, Town Joypurhat, Thana-Joypurhat, Joypurhat
District: Pabna
660. Rajakar Asad
661. Rajakar Aslam
662. Rajakar Amu

Pabna Sadar Thana
663. *Mr. Saiyid Ashgar Hossain Zaidi, Father-Murtuza Hossain Zaidi, Village-Rupkathar Lane, Thana-Kotwali, Pabna
664. *Maulana A. Sobhan, Father-Naimuddin, Village-Hazi Mohsin Road, Pabna Town, Thana-Kotwali, Pabna
665. *Mr. Mofazzal Ali, Father-Mogreb Ali Munshi, Village-Atua, Pabna Town, Thana-Kotwali, Pabna

District: Sirajganj
666. Rajakar Azizur Rahman Chairman, Biarachar, Sirajganj
667. Rajakar Abdul Hanif, Biarachar, Sirajganj
668. Rajakar Nuru, Biarachar, Sirajganj
669. Rajakar Tomij, Bagbati, Sirajganj
670. Rajakar Monu Munsi, Bagbati, Sirajganj
671. Rajakar Tofij Bhuiyan
672. *Mr. Golam Azam Talukdar, Father-Abdul Kader Talukder, Villlage-Mukhtarpara, Sirajganj Town, Thana-Sirajganj, Sirajganj

Belkuchi Thana
673. *Mr. M. A. Matin, Father-Helaluddin Miyan, Village-Shohagpur, Thana-Belkuchi

District: Bogra
674. Rajakar Khorshed Talukder
675. Rajakar Dr. Goni
676. Rajakar Dr. Mojibar
677. Rajakar Anisur Rahman
678. Rajakar Golam Hossain
679. Rajakar Montu
680. Rajakar Julfiker
681. Rajakar Mohammad Ali
682. Rajakar Motiur Rahman
683. Rajakar Jabed Ali
684. Rajakar Osman Moulana
685. Rajakar Aziz
686. Rajakar Joynal

Bogra Sadar Thana
687. *Mr. Abdul Gani, Father-Late Ghulam Hossain, Town Jaleshwari Tola, Bogra, Thana-Kotwali, Bogra

Adamdighi Thana
688. *Mr. Masiul Azam, alias Islam, Father-Late Abdur Rahim, Village-Damdama, Thana-Adamdighi, Bogra
689. *Mr. Masiul Azam, alias Islam, Father- Late Abdur Rahim, Village- Damdama, Thana- Adamdighi, Bogra

Shibganj Thana
690. *Mr. A. T. Saadi (Advocate) Father-Alhaj Moulovi Abdus Salam, Village-Saidpur, Thana-Shibganj, Bogra

District: Naogaon
691. Rajakar Laha Pramanik
692. Rajakar Ahad Ullah
693. Rajakar Ahmmad Ullah
694. *Mr. Farajuddin Mollah, Father-Aminuddin Mollah, Village-Shekhpura, Thana-Naogaon, Naogaon

District: Natore
695. Rajakar Mojibar Rahman
696. Rajakar Anowarul
697. Rajakar Jalil
698. Rajakar Jamal Siddique (Asst. Agriculture chemist)
699. Rajakar Haji Asgar Ali
700. Rajakar Ansari (Asst. Engineer)
701. *Mr. A Sattar Khan Chowdhury, Father-Abdul Kashem Khan Chowdhury, Town Natore, Thana-Natore
District: Rangpur
Rangpur Sadar Thana
702. *Mr. Raisuddin Ahmed, Father-Hazi Zearatullah, Village-Haragacha, Thana-Kownia, Rangpur

Gangachara Thana
703. *Mr. Shah Mohd. Ruhul Islam, Father-Afzalul Huq, Village-Pachuria Sharif, Thana-Gangachara, Rangpur

District: Kurigram
704. Rajakar Shahabuddin

Kurigram Sadar Thana
705. *Al-Haz Paniruddin Ahmed, Father-Late Nasaruddin, Kurigram Town, Thana-Kurigram, Kurigram

Nageswari Thana
706. *Mr. Shamsul Haq Khandkar, Father-Kobbad Ali, Village-Uttarganj, Thana-Nageswari, Rangpur

Bhurungamari Thana
707. *Mr. Ahmad Ali Sarkar, Father-Late Shariatullah, Village-Taipurghara, Thana-Bhurungamari, Rangpur

Ulipur Thana
708. *Mr. Abul Bashar, Father-Ibrahim Kabiraj, Village-Ulipur, Thana-Ulipur, Rangpur

District Gaibanda
Gaibanda Sadar Thana
709. *Mr. Saidur Rahman, Father-Maijan Ali, Village-Gaibanda town, Thana-Gaibanda, Rangpur

District: Dinajpur
710. Rajakar Mirza Ruhul Amin
711. Rajakar Nurul Haque Chowdhury
712. Rajakar Moulana Tomijuddin
713. Rajakar Omar Ali
714. Rajakar Dr. Ismail
715. Rajakar Ali
716. Rajakar Khabir Uddin
717. Rajakar Advocate Jalal
718. Rajakar Shamsul Master
719. Rajakar Idris Ali
720. Rajakar Pazir Member
721. Rajakar Akber Member
722. Rajakar Md. Rouf Miah
723. Rajakar Abdul Barek
724. Rajakar Dhada Mahalia
725. Rajakar Muktar Uddin
726. Rajakar Dr. Mobarak
727. Rajakar Mofazal Hossain
728. Rajakar Momtazul Haque Chowdhury
729. Rajakar Motiar Rahman
730. Rajakar Abdur Rahim
731. Rajakar Bazar Mohajon
732. Rajakar Azizul Haque
733. Rajakar Kasar Ali
734. Rajakar Mizanur Rahman
735. Rajakar Hakim Biswas
736. Rajakar Abdur Rahman
737. Rajakar Ibrahim Munsi
738. Rajakar Abu Musa Mondal

Birganj Thana
739. *Mr. Halimuzzaman Choudhury, alias Dulu, Father-Abdur Rahman Choudhury, Village-Sujalpur, Thana-Birganj, Dinajpur
740. *Mr. Abdullah-Al-Kafi, Father-Late Maidur Rahman, Village-Noapara, Thana-Birganj, Dinajpur
741. *Mr. Abdullah-Al-Kafi, Father- Late Rahman, Village-Noapara, Thana-Birganj, Dinajpur

Dinajpur Sadar Thana
742. *Mr. Abul Kashem, Father-Abdur Rahman, Village-Ganeshtala, Thana-Kotwali,
743. *Mr. Abdul Majid Iraqui, Father-Oli Md. Village-Maladahapatty, Thana-Kotwali,
744. *Mr. Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri, Thana-Kotwali, Dinajpur
745. *Mr. Md. Ishaque Ali, Father-Yaqub Ali Khan, Village-Pathempara, Thana-Kotwali

Hakimpur Thana
746. *Mr. Fazlar Rahman Mandal, Father-Mafizuddin Mondal, Village-Bhelarpara, Thana-Hakimpur, District-Dinajpur

Parbatipur Thana
747. *Mr. Bachcha Khan alias Shahabuddin Khan, Father-Jamaluddin Shah, Parbatipur Town, Thana-Parbatipur, Dinajpur
748. *Mr. Qamruzzaman, Father-Late Md. Zakari, Parbatipur, Thana-Parbatipur, Dinajpur
749. *Mr. Ismail Haq, Father- Gulistan Ali, Village-Natun Basti, Thana-Panchagarh
750. *Mr. Abdul Wadud, Father-Late Abdul Hamid, Parbatipur Town, Thana-Parbatipur
751. *Mr. Nurul Huda Chowdhury, Village-Rajarampur, Thana-Parbatipur, Dinajpur

Biral Thana
752. *Mr. Mahbubul Alam, Father-Mohd. Azimuddin, Village-Birol, Thana-Biral, Dinajpur

District: Thakurgaon
753. Rajakar Tazu
754. Rajakar Fazlur Chairman
755. Rajakar Hekim Uddin
756. Rajakar Abdur Rahim Chairman
757. *Maulana Tamizuddin, Father- Huzzat Ali, alias Ali, Village-Hallpara, Thakurgaon Town, Thana- Thakurgaon, Thakurgaon
758. *Dr. Shafiqur Rahman, alias Shafiur Rahman, Father-Maulvi Zulfiqur Ali, Village-Chouga Kota, Thana-Thakurgaon, Thakurgaon

District: Lalmonirhat
759. Rajakar Doctor Mohsin
760. Rajakar Shahid Ali
761. Rajakar Mosharaf Master
762. Rajakar Hafiz Kamruddin
763. Rajakar Alauddin
764. Rajakar Azgar Mohazon
765. Rajakar Sattar Mohazon

District: Chittagong
Chittagong Sadar Thana
948. *Mr. Raja Tridiv Roy, Father-Late Raja Nalinalkhya Roy, Village-Rajbari Rangamati, Thana-Kotwali, Chittagong

Fatickchari Thana
949. *Mr. Abdul Mannan, alias Abdul Manayum, Father-Maulana Torabuddin, Village-Azimnagar, Thana-Fatickchari, Chittagong

Sitakunda Thana
950. *Mr. Mohd. Nurullah, alias Nurullah Chowdhury, Father-Jalaluddin Ahmad, Vilalge-Baratakia, Thana-Sitakunda, Chittagong
951. *Prof. A. K. M. Shamsul Huq, Father- Hazi Wali Ahmad, Village-West Saidpur, Thana-Sitakunda, Chittagong

District Bandarban
952. *Mr. Aung Shwe Prue Chowdhury, Father-Thwi Aung Prue, Village-Bandarban, Bandarban, Bandarban

District: Chandpur
Chandpur Sadar Thana
953. *Moulovi Abdul Huq, Father- Moulovi Mohd. Saiyid, Village-Gobindra, Thana-Chandpur, Chandpur
954. *Mir Abdur Rezzaque, Father-Abdul Aziz, JM Sen Gupta Road, Chandpur Town, Thana-Chandpur, Chandpur
955. *Mr. M. A. Salam, Father-Ibrahim Munshi, Chandpur Town, Thana-Chandpur,

Matlab Thana
956. *Mr. A. T. A. Matin, Father-Late Mafizuddin Patwary, Village-Aswinpur, Thana-Matlab, Chandpur

Hajiganj Thana
957. *Mr. Dalilur Rahman, Father-Abdur Rahim Miyan, Village Ramchandrapur, Thana-Hajiganj, Chandpur

District: Noakhali
958. Rajakar Fazle Azim
959. Rajakar Abdur Rab
960. Rajakar Darbesh

Ramganj Thana
961. *Mr. Abu Sufian, Father- Lutfur Rahman, Village-Noakhola, Thana-Ramganj,
962. *Mr. Abu Sufian, Father-Lutfur Rahman Master, Village-Noakhola, Thana-Ramganj,

Raipur Thana
963. * Md. Taslim, Father-Emdad Ullah, Village Bamni, Thana-Raipur, District-Noakhali
964. *Rezakar Fazlul Karim Father-Mazibul Haque, alias Moulana Hafiz, Village-Bamni, Thana-Raipur, District-Noakhali

Senbagh Thana
965. *Rezakar Nurul Haque Master, Father-Dana Meah, Village-Yearpur, Thana-Senbagh,
966. *Rezakar Abdus Samad, Father-Keramat Ali, Village-Yearpur, Thana-Senbagh,

Sudharam Thana
967. *Mr. Advocate Syedul Haque, Father-Ahmed Ali, Village-Bataiya, Thana-Sudharam,
968. *Rejakar AmirAli, Father-Late Majjafar Ahmaed Chaprashi, Village-Fakirpur, Thana-Sudharam, District-Noakhali,
969. *Mr. Delwar Hossain, alias Miran, Father-Md. Majibal Haque, Village-Pashker Lawyers Colony, Thana-Sudharam, District-Noakhali,
970. *Mr. Kanchan, alias Nesamul Haue, Father-Mr. Asraful Haque, alias Saru Ukil, Maijdee Town, Thana-Sudharam, District-Noakhali
971. *Mr. Mamal Uddin, Father-chowdhury Meah, Village-Char Algi, Thana-Sudharam,
972. *Mr. Khasru, alias Wahid Uddin Mahamud, Father-Md. Masud Mokter, Village-Lawyer’s Colony, Thana-Sudharam, District-Noakhali
973. *Mr. Saidul Huq, Father-Late Ahmed Ali, Village-Tetulia, Thana-Sudharam, Noakhali
District: Feni
Sonagazi Thana
974. *Mr. Abul Khair, Father-Munshi Fazlur Rahman, Village-Charhazari, Thana-Sonagazi
975. *Mr. A. Jabbar Khaddar, Father- Abdul Hamid Chowkidar, Village- Ganak, Thana- Sonagazi, Feni

Chhagalnaiya Thana
976. *Mr. Ibrahim Hossain, Father-Late Mir Hossain, Village-North Panua, Thana-Chhagalnaiya, Feni
977. *Mr. Md. Obaidullah Majumdar, Father-Late Ali Azam Majumdar, Village-South Satara, Thana- Chhagalnaiya, Feni

Feni Sadar Thana
978. *Mr. Khwaja Ahmed Miah, alias Khoiz Ahmad, Father-Fazlur Rahman Bhuiyan, Village-Barapur, Thana-Feni, Feni
979. *Mr. Hamidul Huq Chowdhury, Father- Akkas Ali, Chowdhury, Village-Ramnagar, Thana- Feni, Feni

District: Lakshmipur
Lakshmipur Sadar
980. *Prof. Ghulam Sarwar, Father-Nurul Hadi, Village-Habibpur, Thana-Lakshmipur Sadar
981. *Mr. Mohd. Shafiqullah, Father-Hazi Roushan ali, Village-Banchanagar, Thana-Lakshmipur Sadar,
982. *Moulana Abdul Matin, Father- Ali Aiyan, Village- Titarkandi, Thana-Lakshmipur Sadar.
983. *Mr. ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Father-Abdul Wahab, Village-Shamsherabad, Thana-Lakshmipur Sadar.

Raipur Thana
984. *Mr. Siddiqullah Chowdhury, Father- Hafiz Aminullah, Village-Charbaga, Thana-Raipur, Laxmipur

Ramganj Thana
985. *Mr. Emdadul Haque, Father-Mobarakullah, Village- Ramnarayanpur, Thana-Ramganj, Laxmipur
986. *Mr. Abu Sufian, Father- Lutfur Rahman Master, Village- Noakhola, Thana-Ramganj, Lakshmipur

Ramgati Thana
987. *Mr. Master Abdul Wadud, Father-Moulovi Atikullah, Village-Char Martin, Thana-Ramgati, Laxmipur

District: Brahamanbaria
988. Rajakar Faridullah Thakur

Barahmanbaria Sadar Thana
989. *Mr. Syed ABM Obaidullah, Father-Md. Yukub Ali, Kazipara Town, Barahmanbaria, Thana- Barahmanbaria

Kashba Thana
990. *Mr. Shafiqur Rahman, Father- Maniruzzaman, Village-Satura Sharif, Thana- Kashba

Nabinagar Thana
991. *Mr. A K Rafiqul Hossain, Father- Late Wasek Ali, Village-Thanorkandi, Thana-Nabinagar
992. *Mr. Arfan Ali, Father- Salimuddin, Village-Baniachang, Thana- Nabinagar
993. *Prof. Ghulam Azam, Father- Maulana Ghulam Kabir, Village-Birgaon, Thana-Nabinagar
994. *Mr. A. Q. M. Shafiqul Islam, Father- Late Abdus Sobhan, Village- Birgaon, Thana- Nabinagar

Nasirnagar Thana
995. *Maulana Ashraf Ali, Father-Munshi Wazed Ali, Village-Dharmandal, Thana-Nasirnagar

District Comilla
Muradnagar Thana
996. *Mr. Mobarak Ali Sharkar, Father-Wahed Ali, Village-Kulubari, Thana-Muradnagar, Comilla

Laksham Thana
997. *Mr. Abdul Hakim TQA, Father-Wasimuddin Miyan, Village- Kedra, Thana-Laksam, Comilla

District: Khulna
Khulna Sadar
766. *Hafez Ablul Hakim, alias Hafiz Abdul Karim, Father-Late Abdur Rahim Subder, Daben Babu Road, Khulna Town, Thana-Kotwali, Khulna

Terakheda Thana
767. *Mr. AFMA Jalil, Father-Umed Ali, Village-Pantilla, Thana-Tarakheda, Khulna

Dumuria Thana
768. *Mr. Hamidur Rahman Haldar, alias Goldar, Father-Mahtabuddin Goldar, Village-Dumuria, Thana-Dumuria, Khulna

District: Satkhira
Tala Thana
769. *Mr. Sheikh Ansar Ali, Father-Sk. Asghar Ali, Village-Uthuli, Thana-Tala, Kushtia

District: Kushtia
Kushtia Sadar Thana
770. *Mr. Siraj Sk, Father-Shafu, alias Sharfuddin of Rajab Ali Khan, Choudhury, Millpara, Thana-Kushtia Sadar
771. *Mr. Shamsul, Fathe- Late Nabi Box, Thana-Kushtia Sadar
772. *Mr. Feka Kasai, alias Shahebjan Behari, Father- Late Md. Econ, Roy Road, Aruapara, Thana-Kushtia Sadar
773. *Mr. Jamil Behari, Father-Late Mabhubur Rahman, Aruapara, Thana-Kushtia Sadar.
774. *Mr. Mazid Behari, Father-Late Mohammad, Aruapara, Thana-Kushtia Sadar
775. *Mr. Ahmed Behari, Fat Father-Late Mohammad, Aruapara, Thana-Kushtia Sadar
776. *Mr. Kashem, Father-Late Mongali Mia, alias Rajab Ali Khan Chowdhury Street, Kushtia Town, Thana-Kushtia Sadar
777. *Mr. Mah Rua, Father-Late Rahmat, Station Road Kushtia, Thana-Kushtia Sadar.
778. *Mr. Afiluddin, Father-Mir Emarat Ali Sheikh, Village- Afil House, Thanapara, Thana-Kushtia Sadar,
779. *Mr. Azmat Ali, Father-Late Izzat Ali, Village-Courtpara, Uttar Block, Kushtia Town, Thana-Kushtia Sadar
780. *Mr. Shah Azizur Rahman, Father- Shah Mohd. Siddique, Village-Thanapara, Thana- Kushtia Sadar

Bheramara Thana
781. *Maulana Nurul Islam, Father-Hamizuddin, Village-Gobinathpur, Thana-Bheramara

Mirpur Thana
782. *Mr. Ahmed Ali, Father- Late Ali Hossain, Poradah, Thana-Mirpur, District-Kushtia

District: Chuadanga
Chuadanga Sadar Thana
783. *Mr. Sirajul Islam, Father-Late Talebur Rahman, Village-Railpara, Thana-Chuadanga Sadar

Damurhuda Thana
784. *Mr. Abdul Wadud Shaha Father-Late Kased Ali Shaha, Village-Loknathpur, Thana-Damurhuda,
785. *Mr. Abdul Wadud Miah, Village-Loknathpur, Thana-Damurhuda
786. *Mr. Abu Syeed, alias Elu, Father-Ismail, Village-Loknathpur, Thana-Damurhuda

District: Magura
787. Rajakar Karim, South Nishchintopur, Magura
788. Rajakar Ali Sarker, College Para, Magura
789. Rajakar Sarwar, College Para, Magura
790. Rajakar Nawsher Munshi, College Para, Magura
791. Rajakar Toyeb Munshi, College Para, Magura
792. Rajakar Abu Salam, College Para, Magura
793. Rajakar Aminul Rashed, College Para, Magura
794. Rajakar Latif, Village-Hazipur, Magura
795. Rajakar Awal, Village-Hazipur, Magura
796. Rajakar Obaidur Rahman, Village-Hazipur, Magura
797. Rajakar Mahboob Moulana, Village-Hazipur, Magura
798. Rajakar Yousuf Miah, Village-Hazipur, Magura
799. Rajakar Ayub Miah, Village-Hazipur, Magura
800. Rajakar Peer Obaydullah, Magura
801. Rajakar, Mahbubur Rahman, Magura
802. Rajakar Ayub Chowdhury, Magura
803. Rajakar Moulana Shamsul Haque, Magura
804. Rajakar Abu Bakker Sheikh, Shalikha, Magura
805. Rajakar Sher Ali, Shalikha, Magura
806. Rajakar Lal Miah, Shalikha, Magura
807. *Mr. Abul Khair, Father- Jinnat Hossain, Village- Dangui, Thana-Magura
District: Jhenaidah
808. Rajakar Commander Nawsher Ali
809. Rajakar Deputy Commander Nazrul Islam Joardder
810. Rajakar Saem Mollah

Shailkopa Thana
811. *Mr. Abu Nassar Md. Ansaruddin, Father- Isharatullah, Village-Durgapur, Shoilkopa
812. *Mr. M. A. Rashid, Father-Late Abdul Rahim, Village-Monoharpur, Thana-Shailkopa

Moheshpur Thana
813. *Mr. Mozammel Haque, Father-Late Ali Hossain, Village-Kanaidanga, Thana-Maheshpur

District: Narail
Kalia Thana
814. *Mr. Kazi Abdul Latif, Father-Late Maula Gazi, Village-Barnal, Thana-Kalia, Narail

District: Meherpur
815. Rajakar Advocate Motin
816. Rajakar Advocate Meher
817. Rajakar Safder Master
818. *Mr. Khalequezzaman, alias Khaduzzaman, Father-Hossain Ali, Meherpur Town, Thana-Meherpur Meherpur
819. *Mr. Md. Matin, Abdur Rahim, Meherpur Town, Thana-Meherpur

District: Jessore
820. Rajakar Babul
821. Rajakar Amzad Mollah, Bagharpar, Jessore
822. Rajakar Kaem Ali, Bagharpar, Jessore
823. Rajakar Dr. Gaffar, Upasahar, Jessore

Jessore Sadar Thana
824. *Mr. Abdur Rashid, Father-Hefatullah, alias Hefazatullah, Village-Bagmarapukur, Thana- Jessore Sadar

Jhekargacha Thana
825. *Mr. Saiyid Shamsur Rahman, Father-Late Abdur Rouf, Village-Purandanpur, Thana- Jhekargacha, Jessore

Sarsa Thana
826. *Mr. Abdul Wahab, Father-Abdur Rashid, Village-Subarnakhali, Thana-Sarsa, Jessore
827. *Mr. Taibur Rahman Khan, Father-Golab, Village- Burushbagan, Thana-Sarsa, Jessore

Abhaynagar Thana
828. *Mr. Kawaja Mohd. Sayed Shah, Father- Late Mohd. Ali Shah, Village-Noapara, Thana- Abhoynagar, Jessore

District: Bagerhat
829. Rajakar Rajab Ali Fakir, Bagerhat Sadar
830. Rajakar Akij Uddin, Arikhali, Bagerhat
831. Rajakar Siraj Master, Gotapara, Bagerhat
832. Rajakar Nurul Islam, Gotapara, Bagerhat
833. Rajakar Shahajahan, Gotapara, Bagerhat
834. Rajakar Abdul Latif Talukder, Morelganj, Bagerhat
835. Rajakar Kashem Member
836. Rajakar Mojid Koshai
837. Rajakar Late. Aziz Daroga
838. Rajakar Sheikh Ishaque Miah
839. Rajakar Dr. Mozammel Hossain
840. Rajakar Dr. Moslem uddin

Bagerhat Sadar Thana
841. *Mr. Rajab Ali Fakir, Father-Meher Ali, Village-Thakurdighi, Thana-Bagerhat,

Fakirhat Thana
842. *Mr. Khan A Sabir, Father-Late Nazmul Khan, Village-Saiyed Mahalla, Thana-Fakirhat

District: Moulvibazar
899. Rajakar Md. Idris
900. Rajakar Haji Arif
901. Rajakar Asad Gazi Chairman

Barlekha Thana
902. *Mr. Gousuddin Rab, Father-Maulana Borhanuddin, Village- Pakasil, Thana-Barlekha,

Kulaura Thana
903. *Mr. A. N. M. Yusuf, Father-Abdul Gani, Village-Dapara, Thana-Kulaura

District: Sylhet
904. Rajakar Wahid Ullah
905. Rajakar Sharafat Ullah
906. Rajakar Abdus Salam
907. Rajakar Abdul Ahad Chowdhury
908. Rajakar Younus Miah

Balaganj Thana
909. *Moulovi Sonahar Ali, Father- Azhar Ali, Village-Thanagaon, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
910. *Mr. Ismail Kari, Father-Nasib Ullah, Village-Sonapur, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
911. *Mr. Mafiz Ali, Father- Maramullah, Village-Thanagaon, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
912. *Mr. Abdul Bari, Father- Surkumallah, Village-Thanagaon, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
913. *Mr. Abdus Sobhan, Father- Hazi Rajabuddin, Village-Khairabad, Thana-Balaganj,
914. *Mr. Aftabuzzaman, Father- Turabullah, Village-Jalalpur, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
915. *Mr. Abdul Matib, Father- A. Rahim, Village- Jamalpur, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
916. *Mr. Abdur Rauf, Father-Ayub Ali, Village-Dayamir, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
917. *Mr. Hakim Ullah, Father-Hazi Mozibur Rahman, Village-Madhabpur, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
918. *Mr. Jamir Chowdhury, Father- Chowdhury, Village-Dayamir, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
919. *Moulovi Mastafa Chowdhry, Father-A. Rahman, Village-Dayamir, Thana-Balaganj,
920. *Mr. Tayab Ullah, Father- Farkan Ullah, Village-Ichamati, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
921. *Mr. Abdur Rob, Father- Moulovi Madaris Ali, Village- Khujkipur, Thana-Balaganj,
922. *Mr. Wahidur Rahman, Father – A. Rashid, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
923. *Mr. Maina Miah, Father- Yakub Ali, Village-Kazimal, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
924. *Mr. Aziz, alias Ismat Ali, Father- Menohar Ali, Village-Ruikdara, Thana-Balaganj,
925. *Mr. Abdul Mannan, Father- Rajab Ullah, Village- Sultanpur, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
926. *Mr. Lal Miah, Father- Sifat Ullah, Village- Ichamati, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
927. *Mr. Iskandar Ali, Father- Rashid Ullah, Village- Ichamati, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
928. *Mr. Sunu Mia, Father- Ayatullah, Village- Thanagoan, Thana-Balaganj, Sylhet
929. *Mr. Matasir Ali Rezaker, Father- Hatimullah, Village- Ghosegoan, Thana-Balaganj,

Zakiganj Thana
930. *Moulana Habibur Rahman, Father- Late Momtazuddin, Village-Rarai, Thana-Jakiganj, Sylhet
District: Sunamganj
931. Rajakar Fakir chairman
932. Rajakar Farukh Chowdhury
933. Rajakar Reza Miah
934. Rajakar Anwar Miah
935. Rajakar Abdus Sattar
936. Rajakar Abdul Gani
937. Rajakar Rafique
938. Rajakar Nasim
939. Rajakar Ahmed Ali Khan
940. Rajakar Muslim Ullah
941. Rajakar Abdul Watir
942. Rajakar Abdur Razzak
943. Rajakar Yeahia

Sulla Thana
944. *Mr. Md. Abdul Khaleque, Late Arju Miyan, Village-Daulatpur, Thana-Sulla, Sunamganj

Chhatak Thana
945. *Mr. Abdul Matin, Father-Basirullah, Village-Kharidwahar, Thana-Chhatak, Sunamganj

Sunamganj Sadar Thana
946. *Mr. Mahmud Ali, Father-Late Mujahed Ali, Sunamganj Town, Thana-Sunamganj, Sunamganj

District: Habiganj
Habiganj Sadar Thana
947. *Mr. Fazlul Huq (Advocate), Father-Mohd. Cherag Ali Talukdar, Village-Batasar, Thana-Habiganj

District: Barisal
Barisal Sadar Thana
843. *Mr. Maulana Abdur Rahim, Father-Late Khabiruddin, Village-Sialkati, Thana-Kowkhali, Barisal.
844. *Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmad, Father- Abdur Rahman, Sadar Raod, Thana-Kotwali, Barisal

Babuganj Thana
845. *Mr. Abdul Matin, Father-Late abdul Karim Sikdar, Village-Bhutardi, Thana-Babuganj,

Hizla Thana
846. *Mr. AK Fazlul Haq Choudhury, Father-Dr. Mohd. Ishaque Chowdhury, Village-Baherchar, Thana-Hizla, Barisal.
847. Rajakar Nilu Karikar, Agoiljhara, Barisal
848. Rajakar Abu Hawlader, Narerkathi, Banaripara, Barisal

District: Patuakhali
849. Rajakar Mashu Miah
850. Rajakar Mohiuddin
851. Rajakar Alauddin Sikdar

Kalapara Thana
852. *Dr. A. N. Sarfuddin Ahmed, Father-Late Shah Bashiruddin Ahmed, Village-Khepupara, Thana-Kalapara, Patuakhali

Galachipa Thana
853. *Hafez Abdur Rahman, Father-Munshi Sundar Ali Mallik Village-Panchakaralia, Thana-Galachipa, Patuakhali

District: Pirojpur
854. Rajakar Manik Khondaker
855. Rajakar Ashraf Ali Sikder
856. Rajakar Harun
857. Rajakar Hamid Jomadar
858. Rajakar Muslem Khan
859. Rajakar Hamid Majumdar
860. Rajakar Shukur Mridha
861. Rajakar Sardar Sultan Mahmud
862. Rajakar Ismail Hossain
863. Rajakar Adv. Aziz Mollik
864. Rajakar Saleh Ahmed
865. Rajakar Barrister Akhtar Uddin
866. Rajakar Mannan
867. Rajakar Azizul Haque Moktar
868. Rajakar Delwar Hossain Sayedee
869. Rajakar Abu Zafor Mohammad Saleh- Peer of Sharshina
870. Rajakar Moulana Abdur Rahim

Nazirpur Thana
871. *Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Father-Sufi Ahmad Ali, Village-Dumuria, Thana-Nazirpur, Perojpur

Pirojpur Sadar Thana
872. *Rezakar Mr. Sarder Sultan Mahmud, Father-Late Abdul Kader, Village-Jujkhola, Thana-Pirojpur, Pirojpur

Kaukhali Thana
873. *Maulana Abdur Rahim, Father- Late Khabiruddin, Village- Sialkati, Thana- Kaukhali, Pirojpur
District: Barguna
874. Rajakar Dulal Member
875. Rajakar Imamuddin
876. Rajakar Shamsu
877. Rajakar Azahar Mirza
878. Rajakar Chan Miah
879. Rajakar Nuruddin Khalifa
880. Rajakar Khalilur Rahman
881. Rajakar Abdul Haque
882. Rajakar Kajol
883. Rajakar Hossain

Patharghata Thana
884. *Mr. Altaf Hossain, Father-Hajee Ayenuddin, Village-Rupdhan, Thana-Patharghata,
885. *Mr. Khalilur Rahman, Father-Loa Miah, Village-Rehenpur, Thana-Patharghata,
886. *Mr. Fakaruddin, Father-Bande Ali, Village-Nachnapara, Thana-Patharghata
887. *Mr. Abbus Sattar, Father-Abdul Wahed, Village-Nachnapar, Thana-Patharghata,
888. *Mr. Md. Shelim, Father-Abdul Aziz, Village-Nachnapar, Thana- Patharghata,
889. *Mr. Sheraj Khondakar, Father-Montaz Ali, Village-Goyanpara, Thana-Patharghata,
890. *Mr. Kashem Moulvi, Father-Hatem Ali, Village-Chotatengra, Thana-Patharghata,
891. *Mr. Hossain Ali, Father-Late Asmat Ali, Village-Hatempur, Thana-Patharghata,
892. *Dr. Shahidullah, Father-Sherjon Munshi, Village-Baraitala, Thana-Patharghata,

District: Jhalakathi
893. Rajakar Motahar Gomosta
894. Rajakar Wajed Gomosta
895. Rajakar O.C Sekandar
896. Rajakar CI Shah Alam
897. Rajakar Fazle Ali Shikdar,

Rajapur Thana
898. *Mr. Abdul Aziz Talukdar, Father-Abdul Wahed Talukdar, Village-Patikhali, Thana-Rajapur

Al Badars

Names of Al Badars accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crime of genocide are given below.

District: Tangail
1. Al-Badar Anis, Tangail

District: Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Thana
2. Al-Badar Ashrafuzzaman
3. Al-Badar Kari Abdul Kader
4. Al-Badar Md. Abul Bashar
5. Al-Badar Commander Suruj
6. Al-Badar Julu
7. Al-Badar Moulana Jubader Ali
8. Al-Badar Maksud-District Deputy Commander
9. Al-Badar Moulana Abdus Samad
10. Al-Badar Md. Abdus Samad
11. Al-Badar Md. Ashraf Ali
12. Al-Badar Moulana Ershad Ullah
13. Al-Badar Moulana Abul Kashem
14. Al-Badar Moulana Dawlat Ali
15. Al-Badar Giash Uddin
16. Al-Badar Ashraf Hossain
17. Al-Badar Shamsul Haque

Fulbaria Thana
18. Al-Badar Enamul Haque
19. Al-Badar Late Jubed Ali
20. Al-Badar Late Mainuddin
21. Al-Badar Akkas Ali
22. Al-Badar Nurul Islam
23. Al-Badar Hanif Uddin
24. Al-Badar Rahmat Ullah
25. Al-Badar Ayen Uddin
26. Al-Badar Mofazzol Hossain
27. Al-Badar Moulana Jubaeyd Ali, Village-Jorbaria, Fulbaria
28. Al-Badar GM Enamul Haque, Village-Jorbaria, Fulbaria
29. Al-Badar Reaz Uddin, Village-Bhaluka, Fulbaria
30. Al-Badar Kazi Moin Uddin, Village-Choudar, Fulbaria
31. Al-Badar Md. Foyzul Bari, Village+ P.O-Fulbaria
32. Al-Badar Maksud, son of Late Mahmmud Ali, Village-Boiljan, Fulbaria
33. Al-Badar Abdul Kuddus Mohori, Village-Dakhinpara, Fulbaria
34. Al-Badar Md. Abdus Samad, Village-Dakhinpara, Fulbaria
35. Al-Badar Md. Ashraf Ali, Village-Nagaon, Fulbaria
36. Al-Badar Late Moulana Reaz Uddin, Village-Ollee, Thana-Gaffargaon
37. Al-Badar Suruj, Village-Paratongi, Muktagacha
38. Al-Badar Kari Abdul Kader, Village-Dampara, Muktagacha
39. Al-Badar Late Abdul Hai Moulovi, Village-Mahishtara, Muktagacha
40. Al-Badar Late Julu, Father-Late Abdus Sattar, Village-Lichutala, Muktagacha
41. Al-Badar Md. Abul Bashar (Basayet), Village-Lichutala, Muktagacha

District: Sherpur
42. Al-Badar Md. Kamaruzzaman
43. Al-Badar Shahjahan Chowdhury
44. Al-Badar Joynal
45. Al-Badar Anowar Hossain
46. Al-Badar Kamran

District: Jamalpur
47. Al-Badar Md. Ashraf Hossain, Chief of Command of Al-Badar
48. Al-Badar Abdus Sattar (Nurul), son of Moyej Mondal, Village-Jangalpara, Jamalpur
49. Al-Badar Abdul Kader, son of Mofijuddin, Village-Jangalpara, Jamalpur
50. Al-Badar A Mannan, son of Mohiuddin, Kacharipara, Jamalpur
51. Al-Badar Harun-ur-Rashid (Shelly), Father- Late Jashim Uddin, Kacharipara, Jamalpur
52. Al-Badar Abdul Bari, Father- Abdur Rahman Monjari, Bogabaid, Jamalpur
53. Al-Badar Sayed Ashraf Hossain, Father- late Sayed Bital Miah, Miahpara (tabalpur) Jamalpur
54. Al-Badar Prof. Sharif Ahmed, Father- Late Zafor Ahmed, Kacharipara, Jamalpur
55. Al-Badar Mukta, Father- Late Jobed Ali, Kacharipara, Jamalpur
56. Al-Badar Hashem, Father- late Abdul Latif, Kacharipara, Jamalpur
57. Al-Badar Motahar Ali, Village-Fulkacha, Melandaha, Jamalpur

District: Netrokona
58. Al-Badar Hedayet Ullah
59. Al-Badar Humayun Kabir
60. Al-Badar Shamsul Huda

District: Kishoreganj
61. Al-Badar Moulana Abdul Hamid (Former Madrasha Super)
62. Al-Badar Moulana Abdul Khaleque
63. Al-Badar Moulana Ataur Rahman Khan
64. Al-Badar Abdul Hashem
65. Al-Badar Abdus Sattar

District: Noakhali
66. Al-Badar Samsul Haque, Father-Late Idrish Meah, Village-Yearpur, Thana-Senbagh, District-Noakhali
67. Al-Badar Serajul Haque, Father- Dana Meah, Village-Yearpur, Thana-Senbagh, District-Noakhali
68. *Al-Badar Samsul Haque, Father-Late Idrish Meah, Village-Yearpur, Thana-Senbagh, District-Noakhali
69. *Al-Badar Serajul Haque, Father Dana Meah, Village-Yearpur, Thana-Senbagh, District-Noakhali

Peace Committee Members of Dhaka Division

District: Dhaka
1. Sheikh Iman Ali- Chairman of local peace committee, Rayer Bazar, Dhaka
2. ABM Khaleque Majumder- Member of local peace committee, Dhaka Town
3. Ashrafuzzaman- Member of local peace committee, Dhaka
4. Shafi Uddin Ahmed- Convener of local peace committee, Nababganj, Dhaka
5. Nurul Islam Chowdhury- PDP Leader, Nababganj, Dhaka
6. Siraj Master- General secretary of local peace committee, Nababganj, Dhaka
7. Moulana Ahmed Ullah, Member of local peace committee, Nababganj, Dhaka
8. Atauddin Khan, Member of local peace committee, Nababganj, Dhaka
9. Islam Khan, Member of local peace committee, Nababganj, Dhaka

District: Naryanganj
10. Raja Moulovi, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
11. Shamsul Haque Kahn, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
12. Alauddin, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
13. Gafur Sarkar, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
14. Abdul Mannaf Bhuyian, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
15. Hossain Khan, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
16. Bakhar Ali, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
17. Nasiruddin, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
18. Abdur Rab Milky, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
19. Rafikul Islam, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
20. M A Zaher, Chairman of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
21. Mohiuddin Mollah, Member of local peace committee, Sonargaon, Naryanganj
District: Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Thana
22. Adv. Shamsuddin Ahmed, Village-Baghmara, Member of local peace committee.

Gaffargaon Thana
23. Late Gias Uddin Master, Village-Beltia, Gaffargaon, Member of local peace committee.
24. Md. Fazlur Rahman Sultan, Chairman of the Thana peace committee, Village-Solashia, Gaffargaon
25. Late Mofijuddin Chairman, Gaffargaon, Member of local peace committee.
26. Late Moulana Abdul Baten, Gaffargaon, Member of local peace committee.

Nandail thana
27. Kazi Tomadok Ali- Chairman of local peace committee, Nandail
28. AFM Ishaque- Vice Chairman of local peace committee, Nandail
29. Abdul Goni Bhuiyan- General Secretary of local peace committee, Nandail
30. Dr. Abdul Khaleque- Member of local peace committee, Nandail
31. Arif Uddin Akond- Member of local peace committee, Nandail
32. Ibrahim Master (Bhatisavar)- Member of local peace committee, Nandail
33. Mobarak Ali- Member of local peace committee, Nandail
34. Moazzem Hossain Sarker- Member of local peace committee, Nandail
35. Eajdar Sarker, Member of local peace committee, Nandail
36. Ali Akber Bhuiyan- Member of local peace committee, Nandail
37. Momtaz Uddin Bhuiyan- Member of local peace committee, Nandail

Haluaghat thana
38. Md. Abdul Jalil- Former M.P, Chairman of local peace committee, Haluaghat
39. Dr. Kubadduzzaman- Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
40. Abdul Mannan Miah (Dudu Miah)- Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
41. Md. Ruhul Amin (Chairman) - Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
42. Moulana Jafor Ahmed- Vice Chairman of local peace committee, Haluaghat
43. Late Bahar Uddin Member- Member of local peace committee, Village-Koyrahati, Haluaghat
44. Late Yousuf Uddin Sarker, Village-Majhial, Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
45. Late Kasimuddin Member, Village-Asmatpara, Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
46. Sayed Golam Mortuja (Tula Chairman) Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
47. Kubaduzzaman- Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
48. Late Mona Haji- Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat
49. Mir Hossain, Father- Late Keli Sheikh, Member of local peace committee, Haluaghat

Muktagacha Thana
50. Late Keramat Ali, Talukdar, Thana Chairman of local peace committee, Muktagacha
51. Late Abbas Ali, Formar Chairman, Paur Chairman of local peace committee, Muktagacha
52. Late Foyzur Rahman Chairman, Union Chairman of local peace committee, Muktagacha
53. Late Abdur Razzak Chairman, Union Chairman of local peace committee, Muktagacha
54. Late Dalim Chairman, (Dalim Moulobi) Union Chairman of local peace committee, Muktagacha
55. Late Khandaker Nurul Islam (Tota Moulobi) Union Chairman of local peace committee, Muktagacha
56. Suruzzaman Chairman, Union Chairman of local peace committee, Muktagacha

Phulpur Thana
57. Jonab Ali Chairman, Chairman of local peace committee, Phulpur
58. Jalil Khan, Member of local peace committee, Phulpur
59. Rajab Ali Fakir, Member of local peace committee, Phulpur
60. Abu Baker Siddidque, Member of local peace committee, Phulpur

Bhaluka Thana
61. Late Mojammel Haque Member, General Secretary of local peace committee, Bhaluka
62. Abdul Gani Member, Member of local peace committee, Bhaluka
63. Abdul Wahab Khan, Member, Member of local peace committee, Bhaluka
64. Moulbi Torab Ali, Member of local peace committee, Bhaluka

Fulbaria Thana
65. Md. Abdus Samad Master (Tikkah Khan), Member of local peace committee, Fulbaria
66. Dr. Abul Hossain, Member of local peace committee, Fulbaria
67. Late Dr. Golamur Rahman, Member of local peace committee, Fulbaria
68. Late Moulbi Abdul Kuddus, Member of local peace committee, Fulbaria
69. Md. Abdus Salam Master, Member of local peace committee, Fulbaria
70. Chouder, Member of local peace committee, Fulbaria
71. Late Shahabuddin, Member of local peace committee, Village-Bashdi, Fulbaria
District: Sherpur
72. Md. Yad Ali Khan, General Secretary of local peace committee, Sherpur
73. Late Advocate Habibur Rahman, Vice Chairman of local peace committee, Sherpur
74. Late Golam Haque (Chairman) Chairman of local peace committee, Village-Andharia, Sherpur

District: Jamalpur
75. Late Moktab Kabiraj, Chairman of local peace committee, Medical road, Jamalpur
76. Dr. Md. Abdus Samad Khan, General Secretary of local peace committee, Village-Bakultola, Jamalpur
77. Mobarak Hossain, Convener of local peace committee, Thana-Islampur, Jamalpur

District: Netrokona
78. Sheikh Najmul Hossain, General Secretary of local peace committee
79. Abul Hossain Chairman, Member of local peace committee
80. Badrul, Member of local peace committee
81. Mahtab Uddin, Member of local peace committee
82. Soab Uddin Chairman, Member of local peace committee
83. Late A K Fazlul Haque, Chairman of local peace committee, Village-Dewpur, Netrokona
84. Abdul Hekim Chairman, Chairman of local peace committee, Village-Bamungoan, Thana-Barhatta
85. Ibrahim Chairman, Member of local peace committee, Thana- Porbadhola, Netrokona
86. Late Dewan Mosnia Chowdhury, Chairman of local peace committee, Thana-Modan, Netrokona

District: Kishorganj
87. Lokman Moulvi, Chairman of local peace committee
88. Moulana Ataur Rahman Khan, General Secretary of Islami Party
89. Abdur Rahman Sarker, Member of local peace committee
90. Moulana Moslehuddin, Member of local peace committee,
91. Abdul Awal Khan, General Secretary of local peace committee

District: Gazipur
92. Majid Sarker- Chairman of local peace committee

District: Faridpur
93. Dr. Kazi Imdadul Haque- Member of local peace committee
94. Ajiruddin Khan- Member of local peace committee
95. Anis Kazi- Member of local peace committee
96. Adil Uddin Haolader- Member of local peace committee

District: Madaripur
97. Humid Khondoker- Chairman of local peace committee
98. Abdur Rahman Haolader- President of local peace committee
99. Mohiuddin- Vice President of local peace committee
100. Abdul Hamid Khondaker- Secretary of local peace committee
101. Moulana Khalilur Rahman, Member of local peace committee

District: Gopalganj
102. Abdur Rab Mollah, Member of local peace committee

District: Tangail
103. Moulana Lutfar, Member of local peace committee
104. Moulana Ashraf Ali, Member of local peace committee
105. Moulana Wadud, Member of local peace committee

Peace Committee Members of Rajshahi Division

District: Rajshahi
106. Ayenuddin, Chairman of local peace committee
107. Moslem Uddin, Chairman of local peace committee

District: Pabna
108. Rahim Baksh- Member of local peace committee
109. Khoda Baksh Khan- Member of local peace committee
110. Moulana Nasir Uddin- Member of local peace committee
111. Ismail Hossain- Member of local peace committee
112. Abdus samad Mahalder- Member of local peace committee

District: Gaibandha
113. Azizur Rahman Khondaker- Chairman of local peace committee

District: Nilphamari
114. Kaiyom Munsi- Member of local peace committee

District: Thakurgaon
115. Md. Golam Rasul- Secretary of local peace committee

Peace Committee Members of Khulna Division

District: Magura
116. Riju, Member of local peace committee
117. Kabir- Member of local peace committee

District: Jhenaidah
118. Tobarak- Chairman of local peace committee
119. Habibur Rahman Joardder- Vice Chairman of local peace committee
120. Majnu- Secretary of local peace committee
121. Hossain Mollah- Member of local peace committee

Peace Committee Members of Barishal Division

District: Patuakhali
122. Alauddin Sikder- Chairman of local peace committee
123. Motaher Khondaker- Member of local peace committee

District: Barguna
124. Aziz Master, Member of local peace committee

District: Pirojpur
125. Sattar Miah- Secrertary of local peace committee
126. * Mowlana Abdur Rahim (Late), son of Late Khabiruddin, Village- Shialkati, Thana-Kawkhali, District-Perojpur, Division-Barishal. Member Central peace committee.
127. *Abdul Aziz Talukder (Mokter) (Late), son of Late Abdul Wahed Talukder, Village-Patiakhali, Thana-Rajapur, District-Jhalakati & Brown Compound, Barishal Town, Barishal, Division-Barishal. Powerful Member, Bsaishal Zila Peace committee.
128. *Sarder Sultan Mahamud (Late), son of Late Abdul Kader Sarder, Village Juskhola, Thana-Perojpur, District-Perojpur, Division-Barishal. President, Perojpur Sub-Division Peace Committee, MPA and Chairman, Barishal District Council.
129. *Advocate Abdur Rahman Biswas, President, Muslim League (Counsel)
130. *Advocate Abdul Hossain Shikder, Member of Peace committee, Barishal
131. *Rajaker Khalilur Rahman, Member of Peace committee, Barishal
132. *Sayed Sher Ali (Mokter) Amantgonj, Barisal, Member of Peace committee, Barishal
133. *Moulana Basirullah Atahari, Girza Mohlla, Barisal, Member of Peace committee, Barishal
134. *Advocate Minhajuddin Ahmed Khan, Father-Late Mir Islam Khan, Nobgram Road, Barishal, Member of Peace committee, Barishal

Peace Committee Members of Sylhet Division

District: Moulvibazar
135. BA.B.T Abdul Bari- Convener of local peace committee

District: Habigonj
136. *Gazi Miah Chowdhory, Village-Noorpur, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
137. *Shamser Uddin Mir, Village-Surabahi, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
138. *Surab Ali, Former Member, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
139. *Sanjob Ullah, Former Member, Village-Surabahi, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
140. *Abdul Motalib (Moti Miah) Former Chairman, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
141. *Late Tota Miah, Former BD Member, Village-Purajonda, Village-Surabahi, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
142. * Late Minaj Uddin, Village Doctor, Village-Surabahi, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
143. *Idris Ali Master, Village-Madanpur, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
144. *Rajakar Maraj, Village-Surabahi, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
145. * Rajakar Vingrat, Village-Surabahi, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
146. *Rajaka Osman, Village-Madanpur, Noorpur union Peace committee member, Habigonj
147. *Late Sayed Kamrul Islam, Former MLA, Convener, Peace committee, Habigonj
148. *Late Abdul Bari (Moktar), Babigonj, Convener, Peace committee, Habigonj
149. *Late Abul Fazal (Mokter), Thana-Lakhai, Habigonj, convener of Lakhai Thana Peace Committee.
150. *Late Sayed Mohibul Hasan, Thana-Chonarughat, Habigonj, Member of Chonarughat thana Peace committee

Peace Committee Members of Chittagong Division

District: Noakhali
151. Munir- Secretary of local peace committee

District: Brahamanbaria
152. Moghal Miah- Chairman of local peace committee

......... (Collaborators and War Criminals)........

During the liberation war of 1971, Pakistani occupation army led by General Yahya Khan and his colleagues in collaboration with the anti liberation forces (Jamat, Muslim League, and other religious political parties) of Bangladesh killed a total of 3 million unarmed Bangalees, molested and raped about 450,000 Bangalee women and, on the eve of the independence, murdered hundreds of leading intellectuals to spiritually cripple the nation. A crime far exceeds, in its atrocity and inhumanity, the crimes of Hitler, Melosovitch, the nazis and the fascists.

The war criminals of Bangladesh liberation war were never tried and they have never apologized for their crimes to the nation:

1. Killing of 50,000 Bangalees in Dhaka on 25 and 26 March, 1971 under the military operation code named “operation searchlight”. and ruthless massacre of 3 million unarmed Bangalees over nine months of armed occupation by Pakistani military.

2. Senseless and wanton loots, rapes, arson and killings in Bangladeshi countryside during the course of the “sweeping operations” following the military crack down.

3. Preplanned killings of intellectuals and professionals like doctors, engineers, civil servants, students and social workers and burying them in mass graves over nine months occupation to spiritually cripple the Bangalees.

4. Rapes and molestation of 450,000 Bangalee women by the officers and soldiers of Pakistani occupation army as a deliberate act of revenge, retaliation and torture. Use of thousands of Bangalee women as sex slaves and comfort girls in military camps and bunkers by the members of all ranks of Pakistani occupation army.

5. Ethnic (Hindu) cleansing. Forced pregnancy of Hindu women and deliberate killing of Hindu males to exterminate Bangalee Hindus as a race.
What is a war crime?

Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention defines war crimes as: “Willful killing, torture or inhuman treatment, including… willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, unlawful deportation or transfer or unlawful confinement of a protected person, compelling a protected person to serve in the forces of a hostile power, or willfully depriving a protected person of the rights of fair and regular trial, …taking of hostages and extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly.”

At the heart of the concept of war crimes is the idea that an individual can be held responsible for the actions of a country or that nation’s soldiers. Genocide, crimes against humanity, mistreatment of civilians or combatants during war can all fall under the category of war crimes. Genocide is the most severe of these crimes.

The body of laws that define a war crime are the Geneva Conventions and the statutes of the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague (ICTY). (BBC)
Forces Opposing Bangladesh Independence:

Regular Army : 80 000
Rangers and Militia : 24 000
Civilian Forces : 24 000
Razaker, Al-badar and Al-shams : 50 000 (estimated)

* Pakistan armed Forces
Headquarter : Eastern Command
Chief Martial Law Administrator : Lt. Gen. Tikka Khan (March 6 to August 1971)
Lt. Gen. A. A. K Niazi (August to December 16, 1971)
Adviser : Major General Rao Farman Ali
Chief of Stuff : Brig. Bakar Siddiqi
Regional Chief : Major General Nazir Hossain Shah
Major General S H Ansari
Major General Rahim Khan

ai_janoar Collaborators and War Criminals
* Local Collaborators
# Peace Committee:

Established : April 1971
Convener : Khawza Khairuddin
Organizers : Prof. Golam Azam
A. Q. M Shafiqul Islam
Moulana Syed Masum
# Razaker forces

Established : May 1971 (Khulna)
Ordinance : June 1971
Convener : Moulana A K M Yusuf
Director : A S M Zahrul Huq
# Al-Badar and Al-Shams

Members of Islamic chhattra sangha, student wing of Jamat-e-Islam party killer force of Pakistan Army, like the SS of Hitler.

Top Pakistani War Criminals:

* General Yahya Khan
* Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
* General Tikka Khan
* General A.A.K. Niazi
* Major General Rao Forman Ali
* Maj Gen Khadim Hussain Raja
* Major General Ansari
* Brig Manzoor Hussain Atif
* Colonel Yakub Malik
* Lt Colonel Shams-uz-Zaman
* Major Mohd Abdullah Khan
* Major Khurshid Omar
* Captain Abdul Wahid
# List of top 200 Pakistani war criminals
# Partial list of Pakistani war criminals with accusations and charges
Razakars (collaborators)

All about Razakars

The term Razakar is originally derived from an Arabic word meaning volunteer. In the context of Islamic history Razakars were volunteers to defend or support Islam. But in Bangladeshi context Razakar means traitors or collaborators of the Paki army who helped them, in our liberation war in 1971, in identifying and killing millions of Bangalees involved in or even supporting the liberation war. The Razakars were mainly the members of Muslim league, Jamat-e-Islam and other Islamic groups and factions.

The Razakars…..should be specially helpful as members of rural communities, who can identify guerrillas (freedom fighters)”, an army officer (Pakistan) said…The government says it has already recruited more than 22,000 Razakars of a planned force of 35,000.’-New York Times, July 30, 1971

‘To help control of Bengali population, the army has been setting up a network of peace committees superimposed upon the normal civil administration, which the army cannot fully rely upon. Peace committee members are drawn from …..Beharis and from the Muslim Leagues and Jamat-e-Islami. The peace committees serve as the agent of army, informing on civil administration as well as on general populace. They are also in charge of confiscating and redistribution of shops and lands from Hindu and pro-independence Bengalis. The peace committee also recruits Razakars……many of them are common criminals who have thrown their lots with the (Pakistan) army.-The Wall Street Jornal, July 27,1971.

Jamaat leaders collaborated with them [Pakistan army] not only to advance their ideals of Pakistan as an Islamic state, but also to wreak vengeance on people they were at enmity with.

Referring to the drives against Bangalee freedom fighters, he wrote, “These operations were only a partial success because the West Pakistani troops neither knew the faces of the suspects nor could they read the lane numbers (in Bengali).

They had to depend on the cooperation of the local people.

(On the collaboration groups) these patriotic elements were organised into two groups. The elderly and prominent among them formed Peace Committees, while the young and able-bodied were recruited as Razakars (volunteers). The committees were formed in Dacca as well as in the rural areas and they served as a useful link between the Army and the local people.

Razakars were raised to augment the strength of the West Pakistani troops and to give a sense of participation to the local population. Their manpower rose to nearly 50,000 as against a target of 100,000.

Some of them were genuinely interested in the integrity of Pakistan and they risked their own lives to cooperate with the Army, but a few of them also used their links with the Army to settle old score with pro-AL people.

To stress the point once again that the Bangladeshi collaborators had purposes other than pursuing the ideology of an Islamic state, Salik recollects, “In the evening I met the officer who carried out the attack. What he said was enough to chill my blood. He confided. ‘There were no rebels, and no weapons. Only poor country-folk, mostly women and old men got roasted in the barrage of fire. It is a pity that the operation was launched without proper intelligence. I will carry this burden on my conscience for the rest of my life’.”
- Siddiq Salik, who was serving the Pakistan army as a major in Bangladesh in 1971, in his book ‘Witness to Surrender“

niazi_razakar Collaborators and War Criminals

There are now, according to the military authorities, 5,000 razakars in East Pakistan, 300 of them in Khulna district. They are paid Rs. 3 a day (25 pence at the official rate) and receive seven days’ training which appears to consist entirely of learning how to shoot a police Lee-Enfield rifle. Their work consists of “security checks” - guiding the West Pakistan troops to the homes of supporters of the Awami League. They are supposed to be under the orders of local `peace committees” which are selected by the military authorities on a similar basis of “loyalty to Pakistan”. These people are, in fact, representatives of the political parties - were routed at the last elections, with an admixture of men with criminal records and bigoted Muslims who have been persuaded that strong arm methods are needed to protect their religion.

The election results in Khulna district show how minute the non-criminal political base of the peace committees and razakars really is: the now banned Awami League won all eight seats in the district and scored 75 % of the total votes cast. The three branches of the Muslim League got 3 to 4 % between them and the fanatical Jamate-Islam 6%.

- A regime of thugs and bigots: An investigative report by Murray Sayle (THE SUNDAY TIMES, London-July 11, 1971)

Top Razakars:
* Maulana Dawood
* Golam Azam
* Abdul Mannan
* Matiur Rahman Nizami, head of Chhatra Sangha, the students’ organization of Jamat-e-Islami
* Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid - president of Al-Badr
* Delwar Hossain Saidi
* Moinuddin Chowdhury
* Anwar Zahid
* Fozlul Quader Chowdhury & Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury
* Abbas Ali Khan
* Mohammad Kamaruzzaman
* Abdul Alim
* Abdul Kader Mollah
* ASM Solaiman
* Maulana Abdus Sobhan
* Maulana AKM Yousuf
* Moulana SM Fazlul Karim
* Mohammad Ayen ud Din
* ABM Khalek Majumder
* Ashrafuzzaman Khan
* Dr. Syed Sazzad Hossain

List of Collaborators and War Criminals published by Muktizuddha Chetona Bikash Kendra, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Source: [Book] Ekatturer Ghatokera Ke kothai)

* List of collaborators by the war crimes fact finding Committee (in Bangla)

Some claim that the Razakars did not even exist - apparently they were conjured up by the Awami League for political benefit. That the Razakars were officially created by the Pakistani military and trained and paid by the government of Pakistan should not be forgotten - and will become an important element in any future genocide trial.

The history of 1971 and the Bangladesh Genocide is under attack from revisionists and genocide deniers. The victims of this attack will be the younger generation of Bangladeshis unless we make an attempt to preserve that history.

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